Letters, Thanksgiving issue, Nov. 23 2011

Thu, 11/24/2011 - 2:12pm

To: the Editor—

Any time that an island organization has a major community function, there is often a list of supporting individuals, businesses or other groups who contributed to the success of the effort. So it was with the Block Island Gardeners’ Christmas Workshop, Thursday, November 17. Seventeen members provided various functions in the production of 20 wreaths and 16 swags to help decorate such parts of the town as: Interstate dock area, the airport, Town Hall, library, Police and Rescue buildings, Historical Society, Medical Center, Chamber of Commerce, Community Center, Rebecca and the utility poles along Water and Dodge streets.

Gardener members and volunteers who contributed to the gathering of supplies and to the construction line included: Nancy and Steve Robison, Mary Sue Record, Cheryle Gagnon, Mark Koch, Cindy Baute, Todd Tremble, Gillian and Ken Moss, Marge Comings, Muriel and Fred Nelson, Helen and Frank Magennis, Paul Marte and island visitors Anne and Dave Loeffler. Supporting personnel and agencies included: Interstate Navigation, Brad Marthens, Carrie Todd, the Tourism Council, Verizon Telephone, the Block Island Times and the Harbor Baptist Church. The Block Island Gardeners wish to thank all for their generous and appreciated participation.

To those who folks who were unable to attend or forgot that this workshop was scheduled, be on the watch next year so that you may join in the satisfaction of contributing to the Block Island Christmas spirit.

Fred Nelson

Beach Avenue