Fri, 06/09/2017 - 8:00am

To the editor:

As Chair of the new Broadband Committee, I applaud your editorial in last week’s paper, “The need for speed.” You outlined both the need and the challenge perfectly. Along with the other members of the Committee, Gail Ballard, Lucinda Morrison, Kristine Monje, and Kathy Szabo, we intend to have Town Hall-style meetings this summer to fully hear from our community members about their needs and concerns and to answer all questions about the proposed broadband network. We will also be having regularly scheduled committee meetings, and we urge folks to attend those as well so they can see the details we will be ironing out.

We all know that our current service options are awful and/or awfully expensive on a monthly basis, and an initial investment is required to build a high-quality, reliable, sustainable service to serve everyone. This is a public need; it must leave no one out. We also know that an appropriate investment should yield lower monthly charges for internet, phone and video services over the long term. That will be detailed in our meetings, along with how it will work, installation details, repair requirements, etc.

One thing we do know is that everyone from Town Hall, the Medical Center, the school and every household and business on the island is falling further behind the rest of the country. As higher speeds are needed for even mundane things like online banking, surfing the web, or online shopping, we will find it more difficult just to keep up.

So we invite everyone to come to our committee meetings and tell us about your ideas and concerns, and attend our “Town Hall” information sessions. The first one will be in mid-July. This project will be an investment that we cannot fail to act on. 

Bill McKernan


New Shoreham Broadband Committee