Thu, 08/10/2017 - 7:30pm

It’s a dog’s life

To the Editor:

Full disclosure: I am a dog. My name is Dodger and I live on Payne Road. I originally came from Tiverton, R.I., but I hit the jackpot when my now-owners came by one day when there only two of us left in that big cardboard box and the lady, Sue, said “I want this one.” So I came to live here on Block Island and couldn’t be happier. What’s not to like, right? I’m free to cruise around the property and when I get too close to the stone wall my collar starts to buzz and I back away because bad things happen if I keep going. Almost every morning my owner, Ray, who is also my best pal, takes me to the beach about 8 a.m. I am a lab, so I love to swim and fetch the yellow ball that Ray throws in the ocean. We walk and play for a couple of miles and then leave before 9 a.m. to conform with the town ordinance.

The other day I heard Ray complain to Sue about a letter in the paper objecting to dogs running loose on the Greenway trails. They don’t know that I can understand everything they say, it’s just that I can’t talk — no larynx. In the winter and fall, when it’s too windy at the beach, we go walking on the trails. Sometimes we pass other dogs and their owners and say hello and take a sniff or two. I have never met a mean or vicious dog out there and would never want to frighten anyone I met. I guess that there are some people who are naturally afraid of dogs. I think that Ray said that the letter writer called herself a “dog whisperer.” Whatever!

Dodger Torrey

Payne Road


Give thanks, then give

To the Editor:

As a homeowner, I am very grateful to the volunteers of the Rescue Squad and the Medical Center.  

I needed them years ago and they were there for me. I left the island by LifeStar. Since that time, I make an annual donation to both groups. I am going to suggest to all the visitors to the island, daytrippers, boaters, renters, etc., that you do the same. When you need emergency services, the first people are volunteers. While a “thank you” is nice, and letters of thanks in The Block Island Times are nice, the reality is a donation, regardless of the amount, says volumes. Most people don’t think of donations to these two groups.

I hope this note enlightens and encourages people to help out the people who live here and are willing to put their lives on hold to save yours. One year, I was able to deliver my donations in person to both groups. The smile I received after handing over my card and check made my day. I wrote this note after hearing the ambulance going to the Medical Center and watching LifeStar arrive.

Nancy Miles

Sunset Hill Road


Grammatically incorrect

To the Editor:

We are warned that while cruising the internet, news items that have grammatical, spelling, or omission errors in the text are probably fake news created by foreign entities to aggravate and confuse the gullible. Welcome to Block Island.

I just received my ballot for the election of the Board of Utility Commissioners. In the box saying, “Businesses must designate a person to be ‘qualified elector’” there’s no period. It follows: “No account shall have more than vote and no person shall vote more than once.” Hmmm. “...more than vote...” The town put that out. (It should say “...more than one vote...”) Does that mean this is a fake ballot? Did anyone read this? This is an important vote for all of us. How could the Town of New Shoreham make such a mistake?

I also take issue with the very long URL to see Mary Jane Balser’s statement. It is obvious that the “powers that be” do not want to take her into consideration. At least she should have been asked to edit her application so it would be printed for everyone to see. Or told that it would not be sent in the mailing unless she edited it. Are the “powers that be” making sure that people who are not computer-savvy would not get to know her positions? Is this “business as usual?” And what are we to expect from the town and the board of the Power Company?

I am very disappointed. I also don’t get to vote because our power bill isn’t in my name, even though I pay the bill.

I’ll be interested to see how many people actually vote with no return envelopes included with the ballots.

Ginger Milner

Pilot Hill


Extending their stay

To the Editor:

I hope your readers know the kind of outstanding job that Harbormaster Steve Land and his team are doing for visiting boaters and the Island. We have visited for many years and watched the traffic grow to astonishing numbers that pose a real management challenge. The rush to grab moorings in the past was an unpleasant and discouraging zoo! That's all changed now thanks to Stephen Land's skillful and welcoming efforts. We arrived this week in usual fatigued disarray and saw a throng of boats, with channel 12 alive with mooring requests. But when we checked in we were escorted to a great private mooring, which was perfect since all town moorings were full. Combining authority with a sense of humor, the Harbormaster literally juggles the boats, moving them as necessary to take care of an amazing flotilla. We are now on a town mooring and are extending our visit as a result of this gracious reception.  

Please pass these thoughts on to your readers!

David Levett

Westport, Conn.