Thu, 10/12/2017 - 8:45pm

Can you help?

To the Editor:

In my 37 years on the island and eleven years on the Town Council I think that I have written to The Block Island Times only four or five times and two of those may have been letters of praise or thanks.This time it is different. I am moved to reach out for help from the Block Island community. The Town Council has selected its choice for our next Town Manager. With our help, Mr. Ed Roberge (our hiree) is looking for year-round housing for his family. 

We have approached most real estate interests with some opportunities identified but, understandably, Mr. Roberge is looking for the best possible housing option to make his transition to Island life as smooth as possible. Who knows, he may even want to buy a home at some point.

For now, Mr. Roberge is seeking a two (or more) bedroom home that would be available for the near future. I am reaching out for him to see if there is a seasonal rental home, one that may be on the market, or under-utilized by its owner, and whether that owner might be be amenable to an exceptionally-credentialed year-round renter. 

Time is of the essence. We have a well-qualified professional who could be ready to assume the most important role in our town government. All he needs is a place to call home on Block Island. Can you help? Please reach out to me or any of my fellow Council members if you have or even know of a potential housing solution. 


Ken Lacoste 

First Warden


September bills to be re-mailed

To the Editor:

Block Island Power Company customers will receive a new, corrected bill for the month of September due to the fact that the first bills were incorrectly calculated with the winter rate.

The new bills will be issued no later than Friday, Sept. 13.

If the September bill you received last week has not been paid, please disregard that first bill.

If people have already paid the bills, they can either send us a check for the difference or wait until next month and the remaining amount due from September will be shown as a past due amount. We will not impose fees or penalties due to our error. We are extremely sorry for any inconvenience this may cause our customers. Like the election customer list, it again highlights the need for our new billing system that work has already begun on.

Jeffery Wright

President, BIPCo