Thu, 01/04/2018 - 9:15pm

A request

To the Editor:

Could The Block Island Times follow up on the electromagnetic field study and verify the wind velocity being studied? Studying EMF at 10 mph is quite low for this wind turbine’s power curve. The cut-in wind speed is about 6.7 mph and cut-out is about 55 mph. Since power output is a function of the cube of wind speed, it would seem the University of Rhode Island is studying a pretty low power event. 

Thank you,

Chris Warfel

High Street


Not an easy job

To the Editor:

I am sure that I am not alone in expressing my gratitude to Shirlyne Gobern for stepping in as Interim Town Manager.

It was not an easy job; however she did it with determination, diligence and grace. 

(And pluck). 

No task was too big or too small, and she was always available.

Very soon, she will leave the office of the Town Manager, and return to the office next door, and assist the incoming Mr. Roberge. 

Her wisdom, knowledge and love of the island will be of great help to him. Invaluable. 

Shirlyne is a smart cookie and an island gem.

Thank you, Shirlyne.

Cindy Lemon 

High Street