Thu, 01/25/2018 - 8:45pm

Thanks for the help

To the Editor:

Throughout 2017, The Block Island Times ran a bi-weekly column provided by the Historical Society. “On the Corner of Past and Present,” featured items in the Museum's collection and celebrated the organization’s 75th Anniversary. Now that no deadline looms — and we have taken several deep breaths — we wish to thank the Society Board for endorsing the project, Executive Director Pam Gasner and the staff for assistance, Ned Phillips, Jr., for a number of photos, and even a guest columnist, Susan Taylor, who graciously shared a childhood memory of Hurricane Carol. (All of the columns remain available on blockislandtimes.com and the Historical Society's Facebook page.)

We also owe a debt of gratitude to Block Island Times Editor Lars Trodson, for shepherding this idea from casual conversation to a real, structured proposal, then keeping us on track for an entire year, including numerous trips into the museum to help us find an answer to the wearying question of “What to write about this week?!” His fresh perspective was a gift to our process.

Additionally, on behalf of the entire Board and Executive Director, thanks to everyone at The Block Island Times who helped us in any way through our milestone year, be it advertisement design, event announcement, or coverage of our various events.

Mary Anderson and Martha Ball

for the Block Island Historical Society


 Airport situation serious

To the Editor:

I was astounded to realize that safety conditions at the Westerly Airport are in jeopardy and that neither Town Council nor any Block Island organization or group of business owners — Chamber of Commerce, Tourism Council, Block Island Residents Association, contractors, real estate agents, hotel owners, to name a few — have stepped up to the plate to protect the interests of Block Island residents and businesses.  

Given the growing year-round population and the explosion of tourist business over the past years, it would seem as if the air connection of Block Island to Westerly via New England Airlines is of prime importance to both the physical and business health of the island. On any given day, weather permitting, one can pick up a prescription in the afternoon at the same time that construction workers are leaving for the day, fly a sick pet off, fly oneself off to a doctor’s appointment (particularly on a Tuesday or Wednesday in the winter when the ferry schedule doesn’t allow a round trip), and arrive for a wedding when the boats aren’t running.   

This is a crucial issue that needs the immediate attention of Town Council and all organizations and groups with a vested interest, including those listed above.  

Ruth Perfido

West Side Roa