Thu, 02/08/2018 - 8:45pm

Yes to more boats

To the Editor: 

Hurrah for Kristin Baumann and hurrah for Judy Tierney! Most Block Islanders echo their sentiments: “…Block Island needs real commuter service to the mainland all year-round.”  

What a difference in quality of life this would be! Four days a week without round-trip service to the mainland is crazy. Four days a week when workers to and from the island are stranded doesn’t make sense.

What’s going on here?  Why doesn’t this issue have the full support of our residents and town government?     

Could we please have some explanations from our Town Council or from those with a deeper understanding of the issue? If, as with many things, the answer comes back in one word, “economics,” then how will we solve it? 

Jane Emsbo

Corn Neck Road


No to more boats

To the Editor:

I believe inconvenience is healthy. Our country has evolved into a perception that convenience is better. It has encouraged and taught us to consume unnecessarily, and have what we want when we want it.

Some of us were born here on the Island. Some, here since birth but only in summer, then year-round as an adult, like myself. And some are second home owners, summer residents, etc.

Block Island is special to me because it’s not the mainland, Martha’s Vineyard, and places like that. Winter is my favorite season because it’s quiet. Anytime I need or want to do something, I simply get on the boat and go do it. The ferry has a round-trip schedule five days a week. You simply have to plan accordingly.

However, if that’s a burden or makes you unhappy, there are more options for you on the mainland. Block Island won’t suit everyone’s personality or wants. And if you have a medical condition or decide to retire here, you should take into consideration the limitations of the Island before moving here. (And I need to just quickly praise our fabulous Medical Center and Rescue Squad!) Be sure to consider other communities that have the services you desire. I wish we could leave at least one place the way it is. Block Island has changed so much over my lifetime. It’s already been maxed out in terms of our ecosystem and trying to keep it a tiny bit rural — which it’s not anymore, in my opinion. We need to stop now! If we keep trying to make it more convenient, we’ll realize that it will never be enough for some. It will never end. There will always be something someone will want.

There are so many beautiful places that have the conveniences we don’t have. I love this place because it doesn’t have them. I hope we can keep it from changing any further. I don’t think running the boat with two more days of round-trip runs is necessary, and certainly not worth bringing another big ferry into our tiny harbor just because the round-trip schedule in the off-season is not enough for some.

Did you know what the island is like in the winter before you made the important decision to move here? And now some want to change the way it is. I hope we don’t have to.

This is my opinion only, and my feelings. I did not write this to offend anyone.

I believe inconvenience and living as minimally as we can is healthy for us and the world.

A. Brown

Lakeside Drive