Thu, 03/01/2018 - 9:00pm

Not a good idea

To the Editor: 

Just a few weeks ago, I was appalled to read a request made by the Deer Task Force to have hunting reinstated for the school vacation in February. This has been traditionally off limits due to the natural dangers of children out of school and roaming the fields and backyards during hunting days. Block Island is probably one of the few places where hunting is even allowed in back yards or front yards (with restrictions), for that matter, this is a norm. Now it actually comes before the Town Council.

At the Town Council meeting on Feb. 19, the proposal was again brought up and actually sanctioned by our First Warden Ken Lacoste, our town librarian, and members of the Deer Task Force, one of which is a Block Island policeman. This was despite letters opposing this from town citizens which were read aloud and speaker opponents from the floor. Our librarian suggested that Island children needed something to do during their vacation and learning hunting would be one of them. I suggested maybe start by making their beds. This means that for a few sons and daughters that need to go hunting on Block Island during school vacation, hundreds of us are prevented from going out hiking, walking, or in any way enjoying this Island during winter school vacation.

It is ironic that with school shootings, gun protests across the country, mental health concerns about who can own a gun, that here on Block Island we are promoting gun use for 12- to 14-year olds, and want to train them to kill all during school vacation. There was one light at the end of this terrible tunnel, Councilor André Boudreau refused to second the motion and it all but died on the floor — almost. But no, First Warden LaCoste had to make a compromise to give up only one day for hunting during the vacation week. This in itself is unusual since he has trouble making any decisions at all.

Final vote? One day out of the vacation for children to hunt. Is there something seriously wrong here? 

John Willis    

Beacon Hollow Farm


Scholarship awarded

To The Editor:

The Block Island Yacht Club (BIYC) was formed in 2010 with a mission of promoting good fellowship and supporting Block Island maritime-related activities.

This year, in our eighth year, we are proud to announce the award of our third Maritime Scholarship to Timothy (Tadhg) O’Neill, who is currently enrolled at the Massachusetts Maritime Academy. Scholarships may be awarded each year by the BIYC to Block Island High School graduates currently enrolled in Maritime studies.

Congratulations, Tadhg!

Fair winds and following seas,

BIYC Flag Officers and Club Members