Thu, 03/22/2018 - 9:30pm

A clarification

To the Editor:

While I was accurately quoted in last week’s Block Island Times, and while I understand every statement cannot be quoted in full, my remark, “Sports is not everything,” was prefaced by my statement that sports can play an invaluable role, citing my own blind nephew whose high school life was changed by finding a sport in which he could participate (wrestling).

I did not say — the meeting was not about my family — that my nephew, who had the opportunity of options afforded by the Grosse Pointe, Michigan, school system, could have taken an easier course and gone with music, at which he was adept. But it wasn’t what he wanted, just as everyone doesn’t want sports. 

Martha Ball

Mansion Road


Sometimes it works

To the Editor:

Every once and a while the courts get it right. Congratulations to Meriton Gurguri.

Patricia Gula

Byram, N.J.