Thu, 05/24/2018 - 9:00pm

Continued support

To the Editor:

I was greatly saddened, on many levels, at the recent problem the Fire/Rescue organization has had with its finances.

It occasioned me to think of a tool I have used with my nonprofit organizations to help them understand and improve their accounting internal controls. I acquired an Internal Controls Questionnaire that I modified to fit many nonprofit organizations. I have always provided it to my nonprofit clients and offer up, free of charge, to any Block Island nonprofit organization that would like to check up on how they stand with their internal controls.

It is totally heartbreaking when a charitable organization is a victim, but I’m also glad that the Fire/Rescue Squad had the foresight to have their financial records reviewed by a competent accountant and also carry appropriate insurance.

As we all know, this organization has saved lives and done an incredible amount of service for the Block Island community. I know we all will support them during this period of crisis.

Anyone wishing a copy of the “Internal Control Questionnaire” can simply email me at donna@coreyaccounting.com and I will be happy to send it to you.

Donna Corey

Southwest Point Road


A revitalized Rescue Squad

To the Editor:

Block Island is blessed to have 14 members of our community who have just completed a rigorous six-month program to become Emergency Medical Technicians. Note the names of our new EMTs and give each of them a big thank you when next you see them. They are: 

Tom Arnold, Nell Barnicoat, Mary Conant, Justin Dunlop, Robert Greenlee, Fish Kronheim, Alexandra Littlefield, Laurel Nelson, Keisha Phillips-Brown, Jordan Ryan, Abra Savoie, Kara Stinnett, Clair Stover, and Aisha Wilson. 

All island residents are aware of how important the Rescue Squad is to our community’s safety. The loyal rescue volunteers who have protected us for years have long been in need of additional hands and energy. Now they have it, and the seasoned EMTs are still here to mentor and support their new recruits.

We also need to say thank you to the instructors who led this course. Instructor/coordinator Cynthia Horan traveled to the island twice a week throughout a rough winter. She was ably assisted by instructors Beth Rousseau, Kate McConville, Lisa Sprague, and Dan McAloon.

Before we jump headlong into another busy summer, let’s take a moment to reflect on the good things happening in our midst. 

We have a revitalized Rescue Squad; a Medical Center that is expanding services for physical therapy, wellness, and women’s health; an ever-growing set of excellent yoga and fitness courses taught by island-based instructors; stronger mental health initiatives; and a police force more focused on safe roadways. 

We can give all these folks a boost this summer by wearing our helmets, stopping at stop signs, obeying the speed limit, taking a fitness class, drinking in moderation, and saying thanks to all those who strive to keep us healthy and safe.


Kay Lewis

Lewis Farm


Congratulations, Dr. Clark

To the Editor:

Throughout the world, almost every human is affected in their lifetime by some form of mental illness — whether their own or someone else’s. 

Block Island’s chapter of NAMI  (National Alliance on Mental Illness) is clearly making headway toward local solutions through open community conversations.  This weekend’s annual conference was hosted at Harbor Baptist Church, the Island Free Library, and the Community Center. With over 40 in attendance, NAMI-BI demonstrated that a small group of dedicated family members, friends, neighbors, professionals and students will continue to make a positive difference for the island’s mental health. 

Congratulations to everyone who collaborated on the successful event, and to Dr. Mark Clark, who emphasized "the importance of social connections" when accepting the 2018 Ross Campbell Memorial Award for advancing Block Island’s progress in the area of mental health.

Mary Lutz and Peter Kinoy

Corn Neck Road