Thu, 06/28/2018 - 9:00pm

A caring place

To the Editor,

I was recently reminded of the special caring quality of life we enjoy on our island.

An incapacitated friend needed to get to Point Judith to meet an ambulance.  Rita Grimes, who works at the ferry dock, treated both of us like family.  She immediately helped us arrange the trip as comfortably as possible, checked on us while we waited, and made sure the crew was aware of the special situation. 

Thank you, Rita, and all the employees at Interstate Navigation who help us every day.

Sara McGinnes

High Street


A big thank you

To the Editor:

Thank you Molly O’Neill, Kerri Gaffett, Kim Gaffett, Peter Greenman, Dave Sniffen, Pam Gasner, Leonard Perfido, Jess Willi, Diandra Verbeyst, Lisa Starr, Maureen McAdams, Carolyn Collins, Cindy Lasser, Chuck McMellon, and Steve McQueeny for taking the time to lead creative, interesting, fun walks all over the island for two days. It was because of all of you that the festival was such a huge success. Several folks mentioned that they can’t wait for the next Block Island Walking Festival.

Thank you to The Nature Conservancy, The Block Island Conservancy, and The Block Island Land Trust for securing and maintaining the land for everyone to enjoy.

Many thanks to Cathy Payne, and the other private land owners who graciously allowed us to walk on their property. Thanks to the Block Island Chamber of Commerce, The Block Island Historical Society and The Block Island Tourism Council for their support.

And, lastly, Susan and Laura of Island Bound Bookstore; thank you very much for the lovely reception you hosted at the store. It was a perfect ending.

What an amazing community we live in.

With gratitude,

Cindy Lemon

Dave Sniffen

Block Island Recreation Department



To the Editor:

The Block Island Republican Town Committee met Sunday, June 17, 2018, and unanimously endorsed Cranston Mayor Allan Fung for Governor of the state of Rhode Island.

During the meeting Mayor Fung was asked by Committeeman Cliff McGinnes about what he plans to do for Block Island. Mayor Fung promised that he would “not forget Block Island.” He says he realizes the great asset that the island is to the state of Rhode Island, to tourism, and that Block Island is home to many Rhode Islanders.

The Town Committee also unanimously endorsed former Supreme Court Justice Robert G. Flanders, Jr. for United States Senate.

Jerry Zarrella, Chair

B.I. Republican Town Committee