Thu, 07/19/2018 - 9:00pm

Broadband progress

To the Editor:

Slow internet? We know! The Block Island Broadband Committee has been working very hard to make island-wide high-speed internet a reality. For those of you who have not been following our progress, a quick recap is in order. 

At our May 2018 Financial Town Meeting, the voters approved funding for connecting the island’s Community Anchor Institutions (CAI) to the undersea cable to bring much-needed high-speed internet to vital town institutions. Voters also provided funds to begin the planning process for the entire island broadband build. It is an exciting time for our town as we plan out and implement the first municipally owned broadband network in the state. With all these “firsts,” we are breaking new ground, while taking the time and care to do it right.

Currently, under the diligence of two of our members, Michele Spero and Amy Land, we are negotiating 14 contracts that need to be sorted out to bring broadband to the Island School, Library, Town Hall, Police Station, and Medical Center. This is a Herculean effort, and we continue to apply a high level of energy to bring true high-speed internet to Block Island. 

Our projected completion for the Community Anchor Institutions is the end of the year, with a goal of the island-wide build to begin shortly thereafter. Hopeful, dedicated, and focused describe our Committee’s work. We welcome community input. Please keep up with our progress at new-shoreham.com/displayboards.cfm?id=41 and like us on Facebook at Broadband Block Island.

The Block Island Broadband Committee


To the Editor:

I’d like to commend the Block Island Broadband Committee and its ex officio members for their hard and difficult work on bringing the island’s anchor institutions network close to fruition. More work to do, but we’re close.

I also hope that once this net is in place it will provide the impetus for all to speak up in support of an island-wide broadband network.

Dennis Shepherd

Cooneymus Road


A fun, family-friendly event

To the Editor:

The success of this year’s fireworks display and Fourth of July Parade was the result of many groups and individuals. Thank you to everyone who showed up, and a big thank you to all those who participated in this year’s parade. It was a fun, family-friendly celebration.

A special thank you also goes out to Interstate Navigation and Cross Sound Ferry for their help in getting parade participants safely on and off the island, to the Block Island Tourism Council for its annual support, and to the many, many businesses, residents and visitors who continue to offer their support to the Double Ender Committee and these annual events. 

We’ll see you in 2019!

Co-chairs Mike and Gail Dugan, Bruce Johnson, Kristen Kiley, Mary Lawless, Lars Trodson, Nancy Worth


34th Steak Fry hits the spot

To the Editor: 

On behalf of our Volunteer Fire Department, we would like to thank all of the people and businesses that donated to and helped to make our 34th Steak Fry a great success.

The Old Post Office Bagel Shop, Dead Eye Dicks, Rebecca’s, Mohegan Café, Ballard’s, National Hotel, Spring House, Aldo’s Bakery, BI Depot, Kimberly’s, Poor People’s Pub, Atlantic Inn, The Red Bird, The Surf Hotel, 1661 Inn, The Beachead, Dan Cahill, Joe Grillo, Littlefield & Sons, Kirk Littlefield, Lisa Sprague and Eric Gempp, Robby Brown, McLaughlin & Moran, and Craig Blaetz and Sysco. 

We would also like to say a special thank you to all of our members who volunteered their time and energy in setting up, working tirelessly throughout, and during the clean up of our Steak Fry. Thank you!

Peter Gempp, Chief                           

Beth Rousseau, Secretary


Dear Bruce

To the Editor

The island has continually been blessed with an influx, from mainland America and beyond, of diverse immigrants — skillful, savvy, simpatico, serendipitous, seaworthy, socially, and spiritually active, artistic, poetic, literary and whatnot — who ultimately become an integral part of our self-reliant and mutually-dependent community who, in their own special way, worthily contribute to its welfare and well-being and, in turn, were taken to its heart.

Just look at yourself and at those around you. 

Once again, the bell tolls the departure of one of our own: Royal Bruce Montgomery. Beneath that unruly but daring thatch of hair adorned by bushy brows and magnificent mustachio was a multi-talented yet humble soul, gentle in manner though outspoken when need be, convivial and self-possessed.

Not merely a hands-on publisher and team player of our island paper, he was, by way of unending cavalcade of weekly cartoons, the chronicler of our island way of life.

With ear aperk and eye alert, wit alit and quicksand quip, with pen poised at the ready and pad at hand; by lean lines and concise captions, interwoven pictures and words, depicted in familiar island scenes and settings — at a bar or town hall meeting — never mockingly but playfully and banteringly instructive, he endearingly held us up to ourselves and to each other, displaying and regarding our pride and prejudice, smiles and smirks, our quandaries and quirks, gestures and gibes, peeves and peccadillos, our foibles, frailties and faux pas, and our celebrations and cerebrations. 

By homespun questions and answers, common sense and nonsense, repartee and riposte shrunk to essentials, he had our eye and our ear, had us scratching our heads, laughing at ourselves, and in our humanity and humility, got to our hearts.

Mindful of his gifts, he served them up for our delight and edification, our instruction and education, never tearing us down but encouragingly building us up.

Ever the Eagle Scout, he never sought acclamation nor flaunted his wherewithal, but shared and displayed it with humanness and humility.

“By their fruits, ye shall know them.” And so, dear Bruce, thus did we know you and now bid you farewell in gratitude for what you brought us and bequeathed us.

Without doubt, all this could not come without Peg, your lifelong loving mate, ever alongside.

Richard Weisbroat

West Side Road