Thu, 08/23/2018 - 9:00pm

In full use

To the Editor: 

On behalf of the Block Island Harbors Committee, I would like to extend a gracious thank you to the Wronowski family for their initiative in helping facilitate the new public dinghy dock located between Payne’s Dock and Dead Eye Dick’s restaurant. 

The Wronowski family worked together with Harbormaster Steven Land, Town Manager Ed Roberge, and the Town Council to get this project completed for the 2018 boating season. Impeccably constructed, it was a much needed addition to the Great Salt Pond. It is wonderful to see it is being utilized to its fullest by the boating community. 


Dennis Heinz

Chair, Harbors Committee

Enjoyable, invigorating

To the Editor:

I would like to thank the awesome team who worked tirelessly to make the first Block Island Conservancy fair a great success. Our goal was to provide information about the BIC while emphasizing our growing commitment to sustainable practices that will secure the future of our Island, our oceans, and our planet for generations to come. We wanted to create a fun, inclusive family atmosphere while providing a little education along the way.

A special thanks to the fair committee, Melissa Hempstead, Rosemary Tobin, Seth Draper, Meg Vitacco, and Mary McGill, along with the support of all the BIC Board members. The committee has been developing this concept for more than a year. Many thanks to Clair Stover for jumping on board and keeping us all on track.

Thank you to the neighboring properties and the Block Island Land Trust for their generosity and support in the use of the Solviken property and to the Poor People’s Pub for serving up the food and drink. It was so enjoyable and invigorating to work with such a can-do, enthusiastic group of volunteers. You are too numerous to list here, but without you the fair would not have been possible.

It was wonderful to see so many families enjoying themselves at the Solviken property while learning about and supporting our vision. It was our first major event at this recently protected space and we learned a number of lessons that we will carry forward in the future use of this fabulous location. Thank you to our fair sponsors and to the many generous donors. Your unwaveringly support and contributions to the BIC as well as to our conservation partners allow us to continue our mission to protect Block Island’s natural heritage, rural character and access to its natural resources through sustainable practices and the conservation of land. 

Dorrie Napoleone

Coast Guard Road