Thu, 08/30/2018 - 8:30pm

Nom de plume

To the Editor:

The Endangered Species letter (featured on page 15 in last week’s edition of The Block Island Times) was written by my sister, Eileen Littlefield Lee. She had a wicked wit.  

I believe it was done in the early 1970s when island folk observed changes to old-fashioned Block Island life as we knew it. I remember placing copies in various public places and folks must have picked them up and saved them.

Edith Blane

Corn Neck Road


Movies on the water

To the Editor:

The Block Island Volunteer Fire and Rescue Department's first annual DIVE-IN movie was fin-tastic!

Thank you to everyone who dared to float out and show your support. From flamingos, narwhals, and unicorns, you were all so creative with your floatie choices.

I would like to personally thank the Block Island Club for hosting us. It was the perfect location. And Jim Murray, you are a sound tech phenomenon! Thank you so much.

So, stay tuned. We're already planning 2019...

Kate McConville, Car 25 
Block Island Rescue Captain


Next Blood Drive

To the Editor:

Our fourth blood drive of the year will be held on Thursday, Sept. 6, from 12:30 to 5:30 p.m. at the gym of the Block Island School. Here are some quick things to keep in mind.

- Age 16 may donate with parent’s permission. Obtain a form at the school for this.

- Anyone 17 years or older can donate. There is no upper age cutoff.

- Bring your driver’s license.

If you would like to make an appointment, visit www.ribc.org. Appointments are taken before walk-ins. If there are many appointments they will send an extra person.

Concerning Lyme disease: if you’ve had Lyme disease you can still give blood. You must have been treated and one month must have passed after you are symptom free. If you contracted babesiosis you can never donate again. Additionally, you are free to donate after recovering from a heart attack or cancer. If you have questions of eligibility, call (401) 453-8307.

Whether you are a year-round resident or a guest on the island, please consider giving. Your donation of one unit can save three lives. From beginning to end the process will take about one hour.

Peter Greenman, Coordinator

Rhode Island Blood Center 


Really grateful

To the Editor:

On a great vacation to beautiful Block Island, I was walking down the path to Vaill Beach. The path is narrow and in some spots washed away. I moved over to let someone pass by and, oh, no, down into a gully I fell. Along came Dave, an EMT on Block Island. Dave ran to his truck and called for help.

Next thing I knew there were so many wonderful women and men there to help. They did a fantastic job and made me feel very safe. Unfortunately, I broke my clavical in three places. (It could have been much worse.) The rescuers are my saviors. Thank you so much. The Block Island Medical Center is also wonderful. Thank you thank you thank you. God loves you all. I am very blessed.

Bonnie LaMarche

Marlboro, Conn.


Reduce the deer

To the Editor:

Fall and the hunting season are close. Our deer reduction plan may be killing more deer and slightly lowering the rate of tick-born disease, but it’s not enough. Block Islanders and our visitors still walk the fields and woods in fear of contracting it.  More and more of us either have had this scourge or know friends and family with it. Many are trying to recuperate from resultant disabilities — some lasting a lifetime.

There are alternative, reputable plans to efficiently remove all the deer from the island — primarily professional deer culling. Let us do it. Do we need a vote to again validate that the vast majority of islanders are in favor of this?
    We don’t need endless discussions. This is clearcut. Do we choose the health of Block Islanders or the hunting pleasure of a few?

Jane Emsbo

Corn Neck Road