Thu, 09/13/2018 - 9:00pm

Clambake a success

To the Editor:

The Block Island Lions Club would like to thank each and every person, business, and organization that supported our annual Labor Day Clambake (pictured above). This is our 25th year of service on the island, and through your generosity and participation, this year’s Clambake was our most successful ever. Thanks to the many volunteers and donors — too many to name here — who support the Lions Club. An event of this size could not happen without you, and once again we are grateful to live in a community that is so generous and supportive.

The Clambake is our signature event and major fundraiser. It allows us to underwrite numerous community and school activities, as well as our scholarship program. This year, among other projects, we will continue to make improvements to Ball-O’Brien Park. The Lions Club will also be supplying kitchen appliances for the four apartments at the Harbor Church, and we have purchased a handicapped chair for use at the Fred Benson Town Beach.    

Thank you again to everyone who turned out for the Clambake. It was a great day of food, music, friendship, and family fun. We look forward to seeing you next year!

Steve McQueeny


Block Island Lions Club

Get rid of the deer

To the Editor:

As a summer resident for the past 22 years, the natural beauty of the island never fails to delight me. My children and grandchildren revel on the nature paths, in the ocean, and Salt Pond and the numerous nature activities Block Island provides.

A serious concern of many people is the continued presence of the deer on the island. The past work by the Deer Task Force to decrease the deer population has been commendable.

The danger of contracting Lyme disease that deer ticks carry is now a personal issue. This July, one of my daughters, the mother of a two-year old, was bitten by a tick carrying Lyme disease. She was treated within 48 hours at the Medical Center. After 21 days on antibiotics, she continues on antibiotics prescribed by her local physician, as her symptoms persist.

It is time to ramp up our efforts to decrease or possibly eliminate the deer on Block Island. Other islands and cities in the northeast are confronting the same medical crisis. I implore the Block Island Town Council to prioritize this issue to secure the safety and well-being of our families, friends, and visitors.

Joyce Visceglia

Mohegan Trail

Thanks for the hospitality

To the Editor:

The Board of Directors of the Committee for the Great Salt Pond would like to thank our members and everyone who attended our annual meeting at the Narragansett on Saturday, Sept. 9.  We offer special thanks to the Draper family for hosting a great event; the Town Manager, Mr. Ed Roberge, for leading a discussion on the Harbor Management Plan and introducing the effort regarding a New Harbor Master Plan; and to our oyster farmers, Chris Warfel and Catherine Puckett for the donation of wonderful oysters and fantastic kelp snacks. Many thanks to all of you for making our meeting a success, and for supporting the efforts of the Committee for the Great Salt Pond.

Board of Directors

The Committee for the Great Salt Pond

To those who gave

To the Editor:

Thank you to all of you who participated at the recent Blood Drive. We obtained 30 units of blood and, accordingly, 90 lives may have been saved. I can’t imagine the loss of lives before blood transfusions became a way of life. Thanks also to The Block Island School who made the gym available to us.

The next drive will be Nov. 1 at Harbor Baptist Church. Let’s have another 30 units as our goal. Thanks again.

Peter Greenman, Coordinator

Rhode Island Blood Center