Thu, 10/25/2018 - 8:15pm

Increased monitoring

To the Editor:

Recently, we have experienced two rollover accidents by drivers that are minors that could have resulted in serious injury, or worse. These are currently under investigation and will result in court action. We have also heard complaints about some of our teenagers driving mopeds aggressively. Additionally, we have received complaints of improper driving, especially on the way to school in the morning.

As a result, the New Shoreham Police Department will be deploying extra patrols to summon aggressive drivers. The speed limit is 25 miles per hour, and it will be enforced. Stop sign violations will also be also enforced, as well as any other type of driving that places our community in danger.

I am personally asking you to talk to your children who are now driving and explain to them the serious consequences of speeding and aggressive driving. Also, try to set a good example for your children by driving carefully yourself. It was not too long ago that New Shoreham lost a teenager in an accident, please remind them of this. Also, explain to your kids that not only do you have to face the criminal and civil consequences of your actions if someone is injured or killed, you also have to live with it.

Thank you, and let’s all work together to have the safest community that we can.

NSPD Chief Vin Carlone


Final Blood Drive this year

To the Editor:

The last Blood Drive of the year will be on Thursday, Nov. 1, from 1 to 5 p.m. at the Harbor Church. Please put this on your calendar and make every effort to be there.

Here are some things to keep in mind.

- If you are 16-years old you may donate if you obtain parental permission. Forms for this are available at the school.

- Anyone 17 years and over may give and there is no upper age cut-off.

- Bring your driver’s license.

If you would like to make an appointment, visit www.ribc.org. Appointments are taken before walk-ins. If there are too many appointments, the Blood Drive will send an extra person.

Concerning Lyme disease: if you’ve had Lyme disease, you can still give blood. You must have been treated and one month must have passed after you are symptom-free. If you contracted Babesiosis, unfortunately you can never donate again. Additionally, you are free to donate after recovering from a heart attack or cancer. If you have any questions about eligibility, call (401) 453-8307.

Please consider one last donation for this year. Your gift can save three lives. From beginning to end the process will take about one hour.

Peter Greenman, Coordinator

Rhode Island Blood Center


Scourge goes on

To the Editor:

While we stop and start campaigns to reduce or even eliminate Lyme disease on Block Island, the scourge goes on. Friends and family members suffer and even die from it, and tourists wonder if it is safe to explore the nature we cherish and want to share. My health has been forever compromised by the disease.

Our new Town Council,  soon to be elected, must be our leaders to seriously review our options and act now, not in 10 years or more, to control Lyme disease and our deer population on the island. We are leading others in becoming a “green island,” let us also show others how to win the fight with Lyme disease.

Barbara MacDougall

Corn Neck Road


Please vote on Tuesday, Nov. 6

To the Editor:

I have had the honor to serve on the Town Council for 10 months while completing Norris Pike’s term. I maintained my seat on the Planning Board during this time but have decided that if I am elected to the Town Council (and I thank you for your support), I will step down from the Planning Board in order to focus on issued before the council. I have learned a great deal from my experiences on the various boards that I have served on. Based on these learnings, I hope to develop two new initiatives if elected:

First, I want to increase public participation and engagement by holding regular “dialogue” meetings with island residents. Unfortunately, many Town Council meetings run late into the evening making it hard for people to attend. My plan is to have these “dialogue” meetings focused on specific topics that can be discussed as a community without a bias. The goal is for everyone to work together in order to develop positive solutions.

Second, I will urge the Town Council to visit other communities and bring in subject matter experts (from University of Rhode Island, Providence, etc.) so we can learn how best to deliver sustainable growth that supports our next generation. While I am a strong proponent of creating affordable and attainable housing (rental and ownership), ensuring appropriate services are available year-round (medical, elder care, etc.), and fostering economic development (employment), we cannot over-burden our residents and make Block Island unaffordable to those that live and work here. Therefore, I want to learn from other communities so we can develop sustainable solutions that are right for Block Island. We must develop programs that foster great tourist experiences yet make sure our residents can afford to live here and have the services they need.

I hope you agree and will vote on Nov. 6.

Thank you,

Sven Risom

Corn Neck Road