Thu, 11/01/2018 - 8:15pm

School Committee candidate

To the Editor:

I am here to announce my write-in candidacy to fill one of the two open seats on the Block Island School Committee. Having a voice in the community and in the school where our children spend most of their time would be an honor. I hope to bring a fresh and steady perspective with all the decisions that face the school in today’s rapidly changing world.

For those who don't know me, I am a 21-year Block Island resident with two children (one who is currently in the third grade at the Block Island School and the other who is at the Early Learning Center in town), and the owner of Persephone's Kitchen (café on Dodge Street). I appreciate the strong community Block Islanders have worked to build and continue to maintain even with the shifts of time and change. 

I appreciate your vote on Election Day for School Committee.

Don't forget to fill in the bubble and write-in Persephone Brown.

Thank you,

Persephone Brown


Oysters for a cause

To the Editor:

On Tuesday, Nov. 20, Sun Farm Oysters will be having its annual Thanksgiving oyster benefit for Block Island-based non-profits starting at 3 p.m. at the parking lot between Washington Trust and Tiger Fish. Last year we raised almost $1,900 in about two hours through your generosity (and penchant for oysters).

A dozen oysters can be purchased for a donation of $5. This year Sun Farm Oysters will be matching your donation up to $20 per person for the first 100 people.

Please bring a bag to put your oysters in.

For some, our selected day and time does not allow them to participate in the benefit. If that is your case, please ask a friend to pick up oysters for you, or email me, and we will set aside your order for pick up on the next day, Wednesday.

We ask that participating non-profits bring a donation container (with your name one it) to the parking lot at 2:45 p.m. and retrieve it at 5:30 p.m.

Please email with any questions to: cwarfel@aol.com.                                                                                    

Christopher Warfel

High Street


Vote yes on Question 3

To the Editor:

Yes on 3!

Nature is our best asset, and critical to our economic success and our way of life.

No one knows that better than the people of Block Island. In three of the past four elections, Block Island voter approval for open space and clean water bonds has exceeded 80 percent. (The bond question is on the reverse side of your local ballot.)

This year, we have an opportunity to invest another $47 million to protect our state’s working farms and other open spaces, make our vulnerable coastal habitats more resilient to climate change, and keep polluted run-off out of Narragansett Bay.

By voting yes on Question 3, you will help preserve what we love best about Block Island. And you will leverage even greater investments in healthy, thriving communities in every corner of the state.

Thank you!

John Torgan                                                                           

State Director                                                                          

The Nature Conservancy in Rhode Island                             

Clair Stover

Executive Director

Block Island Conservancy


Eradicate Lyme disease

To the Editor:

My commitment to writing this letter is based on personal experience and my love for Block Island. 

Years ago, I contracted Lyme disease on-island. It was first misdiagnosed and has had long-standing effects on my health. My granddaughter was infected at the same time but has had no problem after treatment.

This reminds us that everybody of all ages, including our many summer guests, are exposed to Lyme disease on Block Island. There needs to be more information about the danger of the disease on the Block Island ferries, and at the airport, to warn our summer guests of the possible danger of Lyme disease and to be prepared to check themselves everyday.

If they find a tick, they must get tested and treated. 

As some of our candidates in the upcoming town elections reinforce, the momentum to solve our deer and Lyme disease problem is growing on Block Island. Unfortunately, we have heard this before — to no avail. The result has been increasing pain and suffering for many and the degradation of our natural resources.

As The Block Island Times editorial of Sept. 15 suggested, the first step should be to again schedule a deer count on the island to gauge the scope of action needed. The R.I. Department of Environmental Management has arranged this in the past and should be urgently asked to repeat it. 

Two things could start to remove more deer in the upcoming hunting season. First, let us consider raising the $150 given to hunters for every deer removed.  Money is already available for the regular fee and, given many residents and visitors’ passion to solve this growing emergency, more should be easily raised through donations.

Next, with great care, let us try to expand the limited hunting access for highly responsible mainland hunters. These beginning steps might demonstrate that the grandiose, failed plans may not even be necessary to revisit. By the way, I see that the terms of the Deer Task Force expire this year. How will the new group be chosen?

Lotte Wolfe, long-term summer

resident and activist    

Lakeside Drive