Thu, 12/13/2018 - 10:15pm

Getting to the beach

To the Editor:

I was so happy to see the picture of the new beach wheelchair at Fred Benson Town Beach. I would like to thank all who helped in any way to obtain this most welcome addition, especially the Lion’s Club, Kathy (Szabo) at the Chamber of Commerce, Cindy (Lemon) and Dave (Sniffen) at the Department of Recreation. After a few rides in the older beach wheelchair last summer (2017), I knew I had a mission to help in some way to obtain a new one for the beach.

When I returned home from my vacation, I made a few phone calls and lo and behold — there was a picture of it in The Block Island Times the following year. in the issue of July 28, 2018.

I was unable to use it this year because it arrived after my departure from the island, but look forward to 2019.

I will be able to get on the beach much easier and maybe even get my feet back into the ocean after three years of not being able to because of my stroke in 2015.

This will be our 27th year going to Block Island every summer and nothing will keep me away. So beautiful. My paradise island lifts my soul and spirit.

Also, thanks to Mason and Ryan for pushing me around in the old beach wheelchair. (Do you think the historical society wants it?)

Again, thank you to you all.

Anne Griffin

Tiverton, R.I.

P.S.: I will walk again someday, but in the meantime that new beach chair is my refuge. Love the umbrella on it, too.


Thanks for the cheer

To the Editor:

I write to make public my thank you to the Ladies Auxiliary to the Volunteer Fire and Rescue Department for the lovely and yummy surprise I got the other evening upon arriving home. There by my kitchen door I discovered a basket of fruit, Christmas cookies of all sorts, shapes, and tastes. And beside them a small Christmas cactus plant — in bloom! Plus a crayon card telling me in a child’s hand to “Have a sweet Christmas.” I surely will with such a lovely start.

I suspect I was thought of because I had made a modest donation to the support of the Block Island Volunteer Fire and Rescue Department. An annual gesture I heartily recommend to other home owners grateful for their voluntary presence.

Peter Wood