Thu, 01/03/2019 - 10:00pm

Stone wall concerns

To the Editor:

To anyone concerned with the stone wall between the library parking lot and the Darius Inn:

We wanted to publicly respond to last week’s article in case there are others harboring thoughts about the missing stone wall. We were surprised to read in the paper that a discussion was being had about us and without us, as we had reached out to all parties about a month ago asking to talk about it and had not received a response. We apologize if it surprised anyone that the stone wall came down; it was always included in our plans that it would be removed as part of construction, notices were sent to all abutting properties and Zoning and Historic District Commission meetings were posted in the paper. 

While it was always the plan to put the stone wall back, while the project was in progress we thought it might be nice to possibly include greenery on our property line with a hedge or trees. We thought that could be a discussion had with all of those involved, but we read that there is no interest in that idea!  We appreciate the island’s stone walls, we understand the concern, and will certainly be putting the very same stones back in place.

Furthermore, we apologize that our downtown property has been a mess for so much of the winter. We hope to have construction underway shortly (it’s been a wet and delay-filled fall).

We love our community, value everyone’s thoughts, and appreciate concern over our spaces. If any of you ever have any questions about anything that we are doing and that you feel comfortable speaking with us about, please call us at (401) 466-2722, email at dariusblockisland@gmail.com or come on back — we are usually in the kitchen!

Thank you,

Christy and Becca Zendt

Dodge Street


That’s a wrap!

To the Editor:

I wish to extend a very heartfelt thank you to the Block Island community for your continued support of the annual kids holiday store at the Island Free Library. It was a huge success once again, and you helped put smiles on many kids’ faces.

Over the four days of the sale, we hosted 63 children, and over 380 individual items were bought (and wrapped!).

This tradition would not be possible without your help, and I am so grateful for it. Thank you to the many people who donated items for the store, the response was overwhelming, and we had a beautiful display of items in the store. Thank you to my wrapping helpers — Kate Butcher, Linda Spak, Mary Sue Record, and Kathy Lang — I know what a huge undertaking it is, and I could not have done it without you. Thank you to the Friends of the Library and to my colleagues at the library for your support in making it all happen and enabling such a successful event.

Best wishes for a happy, healthy, and peaceful New Year to you all!

Morgan Walsh

Youth Services

Island Free Library