Thu, 01/10/2019 - 9:00pm

Early Learning Center thanks you

To the Editor:

The Block Island Early Learning Center would like to extend a very grateful thank you to the members of the community who contributed goods to our Holiday Basket, and also to those who purchased raffle tickets. The overwhelming turnout led to yet another successful fundraiser. We greatly appreciate your continued support. 

Happy New Year from all of us!

The Staff of the Block Island

Early Learning Center


A success by any measure

To the Editor:

Our January blood drive was a success by any measure. We had 26 regular donors and three other donors gave a double unit of red cells. Red cells take at least twice the time of normal giving, which takes one hour. Thank you  so very much for your generosity and time. You have saved many lives.

One additional bit of good news is that the July blood drive will begin again, bringing us up to six, not five, blood drives a year. We formerly had six drives, but the July drive was dropped because of Lyme disease. New blood testing and other reasoning have brought back this drive.

Many thanks to The Block Island Times, which is publishing the complete list of donors who have given over one gallon (see below). It takes eight units to make one gallon, so you can see how generous and faithful so many of you have been. We’ll put this list together again next year and with the hope the list will be longer. In the meantime, the Rhode Island Blood  Center is delighted and proud of all you donors.

Peter H. Greenman, Coordinator

Rhode Island Blood Center

The following multi-gallon donors have helped save thousands of lives:

12 gallons: Pamela Glen; 10 gallons: Mark Emmanuelle; Eight gallons: Ann Henault, Kate Musso, Peter Brassard; Seven gallons: Mark Paradise, Vin McAloon; Six gallons: James Chace, Doug Michel, Raymond Paparian, Renelda Simmons, Pete Tweedy; Five gallons: Charon Littlefield, David Roosa, David Schaller; Four gallons: Viriginia Collins, Thomas Durden, Tracy Heinz, William Hutchins, Carol Leslie, Kate McConville, Molly O’Neill, Patrick Tengwall, Amelia Gallant; Three gallons: Judith Fucci, Kim Gaffett, Marlee Lacoste, Arthur Loewenthal, Terri McCombe, Ken Moss, Cindy Pappas; Lisa Robb; Two gallons: Patricia Balles, Dan Barker, Emily Butcher, Vicky Carson, Julie Conant, Patrick Evans, Susan Gibbons, John Hopf, Petie Hunter, Sandra Kelly, Suzanne Kovall, Cindy Lasser, Fred Leeder, Allan MacKay, Rosemary Millea, Kevin Murray, Bill Padien, Augusta Rich, Linda Spak, Paul Svenevik, Janet Ziegler; One gallon: John Barry, Kate Butcher, Paul Cotter, Mary Ellen Dewey, Willie Feuer, Karl Gann, Laurie Gempp, Scott Gibbons, Annie Hall, Greta Heinz, James Hinthorn, Pam Hinthorn, Marie Langdon, Cookie Lenoci, Charles LeRoy, Keith Lewis, Brad Marthens, Sr., Kathleen Martin, Susan Matheke, Don McWhinney, Sallie Mazzur, Ryan McGarry, Bruce Montgomery, Frank Nicastro, Gail Peirce, Ray Torrey, Jessica Veldman, Chris Warfel, Richard Warfel, Joan Wholey, Chris Willi, and Nancy Worth.


Support the Medical Center

To the Editor:

You never know when you will be the one to benefit from the kindness and skill of the Block Island Medical Center staff and the Block Island Rescue Squad, so please do whatever you can to support these ever-so-valuable members of our community.

Our great thanks go to Kate McConville, Julie Conant, Mary Conant, Aisha Wilson, Gary Ryan, Tom Arnold, Keisha Brown, Dave Roosa, Kirk Littlefield, Lisa Sprague, Beth Rousseau, Nurse Linda Closter, and Nurse Practitioner Liz Dyer for their assistance to us on Jan. 8.

A donation can be sent to Box 919, Block Island, R.I. 02807.

Malcolm and Nancy Greenaway

Corn Neck Road


Please stop

To the Editor:

We are writing in regard to the Cherry Hill Lane development. Please stop. The most important meeting with the Zoning Board was not posted in The Block Island Times, that is why no one showed up to the meeting. Quality homes have turned into Salt Box City.

You are hurting the people of the neighborhood who have worked hard for their homes.

Stick to the Comprehensive Plan. Put this project on the sewer line.

The process of moving this project forward has been compromised.

The McCabe Family

West Side Road