Thu, 01/17/2019 - 9:00pm

Bright lights

To the Editor:

The island shines a little less bright with the passing of Ginni Collins and Don Thimble within a few days of each other last week.

Two pillars of island life; for decades each gave of themselves unto this special place. Who has not benefited from the generosity of each of these two kind souls — at least once — in one way or the other? We are all beneficiaries for having these two in our lives.

Not too long ago, Don hurriedly went out late one night to try and find my brother and me at one of the local watering holes… but which one were we at?

He went to all of them. Maggie had heard on the scanner that my dad had taken a hard fall while home alone and was being taken to the Medical Center, so she pushed Don out of bed to track us down to bring us to our father.

It was surreal to see Don at the Christmas celebration at Champlin’s so late. Don even yelled at my brother and me just like our dad would with a “Get in the goddamn car now!”

And Ginni…I always made a point to bring any visiting friends I had on island to meet her.

Not just because she painted beautiful island mementos and gave them to us, but she was a wonderful raconteur.

I especially loved visiting her on her boat at Champlin’s when she decorated it for Christmas and New Year’s for Labor Day Weekend (and Fourth of July).

Where did she find this stuff?

You could always find these two at one of my favorite shoulder season events, the annual Horseshoe Tournament at Don and Maggie’s, benefiting the island Rescue Squad.

This 20-plus year event was exemplary of the best of Block Island — islanders coming out to support other islanders.

I will end by saying we should remember and honor these two that same way, by continuing to support one another charitably. That is their legacy and our torch.

Rich Payne 
Corn Neck Road