Thu, 01/24/2019 - 8:30pm

Many thanks from the Hall family

To the Editor:

We would like to extend our heartfelt thank you to Pastor Peter Preiser, his wife Carrie Johnson, Tony Pappas, Carrie Todd, Megan Hennessy, and to all those who participated in a beautiful service honoring our beloved Gayanne Hall duPont on Friday, January 18.

We would also like to thank Kimberly Ward, who is amazing and the best at what she does, and her entire staff of helpers for providing a lovely reception for Gayanne after the service. We also thank all our friends for providing food, kind words, and support, and to Howie Rice for providing transportation. Thank you to everyone who helped celebrate her life with us, our diamond in the rough, our irreplaceable friend and sister. She will be missed by her friends and family, and by all those who she has touched in so many different ways.


Bayard duPont and Hall Families


A friend in need

To the Editor:

Don Thimble and Rick Mullen have recently died of leukemia. I have a dear friend, Mary Ellen Santaniello, who works at Panera Bread, near Shaw’s in Wakefield. She lost a son to leukemia. Here is a notice she gave me last week:

"On March 24, 2019, I will participate in The Big Climb Seattle, along with my son Mark and his family, to raise funds for The Leukemia & Lymphoma Society. We do this in honor and memory of my son Tim who died at the age of 35 after a valiant fight against a very rare form of non-Hodgkin lymphoma. The Big Climb is a grueling race up 69 floors of the Columbia Center Tower, the tallest building in Seattle. Six thousand people participate with a goal of raising $3,000,000 for blood cancer research. Last year, with the help of family, friends, and my Panera customers, I raised over $6,000. Will you help me meet and surpass that goal by March 24? I appreciate your generosity and support. Thank you! To access my fundraising page, please visit https://goo.gl/6HKhRJ.”

Can you imagine running up 69 floors?  Please consider a gift as Sandy and I have, through her website, or directly to her at Panera Bread in Wakefield. Thanks.

Peter H. Greenman

Center Road



The following was sent to the New Shoreham Town Council and copied to The Block Island Times:

To the Editor:

The Board of Directors of the Block Island Residents Association would like to compliment the Town Council and town administration for implementing the Community Anchor Institutions Broadband Development Project. This fiber optic broadband network will enhance the efficiency and operations of the School, Town Hall, Public Safety Complex, Medical Center and Library. By doing so, each of these critical community organizations will be able to provide state of the art services to the residents of Block Island as well as establishing a foundation for a critically needed island-wide broadband network.

However, we are very disappointed that the Island-Wide Broadband Network Design-Build Contract RFP has not been implemented. At the May 7, 2018 Financial Town Meeting, the voters approved $125,000 for this project and we were told that the project would begin in May and be finished by the end of December. That project schedule has not happened, leaving the residents of Block Island with no idea of when or if this critical second phase of the Island-Wide Broadband will take place.

We ask three questions:

Why was this project not implemented as promised at the Financial Town Meeting?

When will this project be started and finished?

When can the residents of Block Island expect to see an island-wide broadband network?

We look forward to your answers to our questions.


Bill Penn, President

Block Island Residents Association