Thu, 02/21/2019 - 9:15pm

Drone usage has rules

To the Editor:

Amateur drone flyers need to be aware that a special Federal Aviation Administration Interim Final Rule will take effect on Feb. 25, 2019. All drones must be registered and externally marked with a registration number obtained at  www.faadronezone.faa.gov.

The FAA Drone Zone website also has sections for reporting of accidents/incidents.

The  FAA enforceable rules include:

1. Fly below 400 feet

2. Never fly over groups of people, stadiums, or sports events.

3. Never fly within five miles of an airport (that's all of B.I.) without permission from Air Traffic Control and airport authorities.

4. Never fly near other aircraft.

5. Always keep your drone within visual range.

6. Respect privacy.

Commercially licensed drone operators are well aware of regulations and liabilities, and comply in order to keep their certification. We all need to know and follow the rules.

Last summer there were overflight incidents, but luckily no accidents. Be safe!

Jules Craynock

UAS Certification Holder


Farewell, Willis

To the Editor:

The passing of Willis Dodge brings to mind fond memories of him and Edrie:

Mounted at the door of their warm and welcoming home atop Sunset Hill is a poignant plaque, weathered yet enduring:

“An old fisherman lives here with the greatest catch of his life.”

And so she was; Edrie brought him the woman that the Bible held high:

“The heart of her husband doth safely trust in her, and he hath no lack of gain.  She doeth him good and not evil all the days of her life.”

Knowing Willis and Edrie, you could hardly picture one without the other; never out of step, their lifelong love affair was legendary; as was their steadfast commitment and devotion to church and community.

Above the kitchen portal of Harbor Church is a commemorative plaque, unobtrusive but indelible:

“In loving memory of Edrie, this was her domain.”

Indeed, it was: a take-charge, hands-on, indefatigable doer, she, with Willis’ unwavering encouragement, support, and participation, annually, organized and ran the Roll Call Dinners; chaired and oversaw the Church Fair and Auction; recruited, assembled, and raffled off the prized, hand-wrought and scenic patchwork quilt; sang in the Ecumenical Choir; and performed in the Extravaganzas.

After Edrie passed on and preceding his departure from the island, Willis’ life and impairment of sight were immeasurably lightened during a handful of years by the care and devotion of Anna Christina.

If you bumped into Willis, you were well-met; encountering a genial, gentle man, self-possessed, even-keeled and of good cheer, often equipped with good-natured jest.

Of sturdy stature and strappingly strong, he reputedly could crouch under and upend an automobile.  However, he bore his strength lightly and without display.

Farewell, Willis. How good and how pleasant and uplifting to have known and cherished the both of you.


Richard Weisbroat

West Side Road


The Surf, Part 3

To the Editor:

I strongly agree with the Comings’ letter about not changing the name of The Surf.

It’s as if I were to change the name of the Empire Theatre. Why would anyone want to?

Not only is The Surf name historically integral to the hotel, it’s a great name!

If there are enough like-minded people, a petition to “Save The Surf” could be sent to the new owners. It might not make a difference, but why not try?

Gary Pollard

Empire Theatre