Thu, 04/04/2019 - 9:30pm

‘A good man’

To the Editor:

Life on this Island Block is quite unique in many ways. Certainly not conventional, and even unusual if you live here other than just the summer season. Death, on the other hand, is essentially the same everywhere.

Howie Rice died rather suddenly just a few weeks ago. Just before his illness I took a photo of him for a future oil portrait. He wasn’t one of my best friends, of which I only have a few, but he was a friend. We have shared the breakfast table at Bethany’s for over 30 years, and the Number One Café before that. Howie was mostly always there after his school bus run. I won’t say that we always agreed, and on occasion we would even be critical of each other, but we had a sort of camaraderie or spirit of community and friendship. Given that situation, we are sharing his loss collectively by staring at his empty seat each morning.

Howie was a good man and in his day, with his heavy equipment, he would always help out every way he could — finding broken water mains, tying into lost sewer lines, and replacing septic systems on an emergency basis. For years and up until his death he was the main school bus driver for island students, as was his father before him. Merrill Slate was given his first school bus ride at age 87 with Howie, because Merrill lamented he always had to walk to school. Snow days are rare on the island, so Howie and his bus would negotiate the roads safely each and every day, snow or no snow. He was also a veteran and member of the Marine Corps during the Vietnam era.

So it is with a heavy heart that when we pass the school bus each day, it will be Howie smiling and waving at us from a better place.

John Willis

Beacon Hollow Farm


A big thank you

To the Editor:

The Ladies Guild of Saint Andrew Church would like to thank all the community members who joined us for our annual St. Paddy’s Day Brunch.

Many thanks to the generous donations from The Atlantic Inn, Belmont Market, the Block Island Grocery, Eli’s Restaurant, New England Airlines, The Spring House Hotel, Stop and Shop, and Winfield’s Restaurant.

We are also grateful to our guest chefs T.C. Octigan and Chris Warfel.

The Ladies Guild will begin collecting clean, lightly worn clothing, shoes and accessories for the Not New Boutique on May 1. (Think of us while you’re spring cleaning, but hang on to them until May, please.)

Thank you,

The Saint Andrew Ladies Guild


Still here

To the Editor:

There has been some confusion about the status of Taubman Law Offices, Ltd. Reports of our decease are greatly exaggerated. What happened is the long-time office building on High Street was sold in 2018. A small office in the back is rented to see clients who cannot climb stairs.

The main office is now in Flavia Clark’s old house on the second floor — Calico Hill. The practice is a majority tax advice and preparing. We still do business work, particularly corporate and LLC paperwork, title searches for mainland attorneys and title companies, and some probate work.

To give notice, the tax deadline is April 15 for personal taxes. If you want to actually prepare taxes, we cannot promise anything if we do not receive the papers by April 1, but will file extensions if asked. It would be helpful if we had W-2s and 1099s with tax withholding to file extensions.

I can be reached at (401) 466-2861 and or email ETBI@Verizon.net.

Still alive,

Elliot Taubman

Calico Hill