Thu, 06/27/2019 - 9:45pm

To the Editor:

After two Town Council meetings and a Block Island Health Services Board meeting, where a majority and plethora of the masses attending couldn’t quite fathom the circumstances of the Liz Dyer firing, I have the sad conclusion. For those of us that supported Liz Dyer, the fight is over and dead. For those of you that supported Dr. Clark, the fight is over and dead. Liz is gone. Dr. Clark, unfortunately, I feel can’t remain here with the animosity that was generated by his firing of Dyer. There is a blame game here and has to be because this can’t keep happening over and over into the years ahead. BIHS Board of Directors and President Cindy Baute are directly responsible for this mess, along with Town Council First Warden Ken Lacoste. They both have been here far too long letting this conglomerate of faulty rules of order, disregard for proper meeting rules, and resultant disconnect between the Council and the Board exist with a giveaway of our taxpayer monies.

One of the worst things to happen to BIHS is bad publicity, bad press and lack of confidence by the majority of year-round island people. We heard that everything was roses at the BIHS just prior to their getting the $300,000 at the Financial Town Meeting. Then we had the resignation of Dr. Clark, then the firing of Liz by the resigned Dr. Clark, then his rescinding his resignation. If this sounds stupid, it is. We hear that the quality of care since the arrival of Dr. Clark is astounding. I am a physician and I had Nurse Practitioner Liz as my provider for years and did have quality care. Now I have zero.

A final attempt at some solace for this mess was a request for some intervention by our Town Council and placed on the agenda. It was an attempt to soften the divide, to narrow the rift between the town’s people. An overwhelming response was brought to the meeting, which put the blame not only on the BIHS Board, but also specially Ken Lacoste for not remedying this problem through his years as First Warden. Rather than making any attempt to try and heal, as an elected official, Lacoste abruptly closed the raucous discussion and, except for Councilman Chris Willi, the Council voted to shut us off.

The Town Council and the BIHS Board are miserably failing this town. Any attempt at some closure for these opposing factions has been lost. Everyone, the BIHS and the Board, the Town Council, and we the people, will all suffer the consequences.

John Willis, MD

Beacon Hollow Farm