Thu, 07/11/2019 - 8:00pm

Thank you for your support

The following was sent to Mike Muessel and Susan Schuyler of Oldport Marine Services and copied to The Block island Times:

To the Editor:

Dear Mike and Susan,

The Committee for the Great Salt Pond and the Double Ender Committee would like to thank you for supporting Block Island’s July 4th fundraising efforts by allowing Bill Pease to drive the Oldport Launch in support of a boat-to-boat “burgee” fundraising program. For a donation of $25 to the two committees, the boat owner gets a burgee that is a new and unique design every year. As you may know, The Committee for the Great Salt Pond is a leading environmental organization on the island that is focused on protecting the Great Salt Pond, and The Double Ender Committee leads the Fireworks and 4th of July Parade on Block Island. Your support is greatly appreciated.

Bill made the boat-to-boat program very successful this year and we thank you for providing the launch and such an expert helmsman. We hope we can do this again next year — Bill made the fundraising effort a great event.

Thanks for all your support

Sven Risom

President, Committee for the Great Salt Pond

A great success

To the Editor:

I waited a couple of weeks to see if there would be more mention of the recent Block Island Film Festival. Its creation, organization, advertisement, and presentation seemed to all just magically appear before anyone had really noticed. I was privileged with an inside look at this event and now see its worth and place in our community. Cassius Shuman, Jamie Newell, and Josh Maldonado are to be highly commended for their outstanding efforts to bring this wonderful event to us.

Amongst others, being myself, Irene Hopkins, Kristin Baumann, The National Hotel, Ballard’s Inn, and a professional cast of board members, they shouldered a week-long burden of presentation to the public with an exciting assortment of artistic expression through film.

The “first of its kind” event was sandwiched between other traditional local events, but by no means rode upon any coattails. Those who came enjoyed the diversity of the scheduling. Two separate venues, day and night, all week. Of the hundreds in attendance, some travelled internationally to present, or represent the films being shown. A short film by local fisherman/surfer Ken Ross was as home-grown as could be.

There were actors (an Emmy award winner, in fact), directors, producers, writers, students, and videographers. They mixed thoughts and ideas through very intimate Q & A sessions during the week.

I believe this was a tremendous success as an inaugural event. and hope the creation of the BIFF will be enjoyed throughout the years as a new Block Island tradition.

Martin Rosato

High Street