Fri, 07/26/2019 - 7:45am

Cyber theft

To the Editor:

Unfortunately, we learned the hard way that cyber theft is a reality! The Harbor Church has some endowments deposited in an investment firm affiliated with our denomination. We thought they were safe from being raided, but we learned otherwise.

Here is our story:

While reviewing pledges and gifts for the Campaign for the Future, the capital fund drive that funded the four affordable apartments on the third floor of the church and other building repairs, Tony Pappas and William Young discovered that the Harbor Church had been the victim of cyber fraud. A portion of our endowment funds held as investments was raided. Our investment firm has been investigating and local and federal law enforcement have been notified and are actively working to recover the funds. To date over 25 percent of the funds have been recovered and returned to the Church. We continue to work towards complete recovery.

It is important to note that none of the funds donated for the Campaign for the Future by members of the church and the BI community were raided. The third floor apartments are completed and occupied, and building repairs and upgrades continue apace. 

The congregation has been made aware of the crime through a special business meeting. As a congregation we are dismayed but remain hopeful that we can recoup the entire loss. Although the hack did affect an island email account, we have no reason to believe that the perpetrator had any connection to the island, and all the evidence points to someone off island.

So Block Island friends, don’t find yourself in this position. Confirm that authorization for withdrawals can only be given by you or your organization. Multiple methods to confirm a withdrawal directive is a wise arrangement.

Older but wiser,

Will Young and Tony Pappas

Harbor Church


A job well done

To the Editor:

This past weekend, in the unbearable heat, I came to witness in awe the young men working for the Block Island Water Department. Jordan and two others worked non-stop digging up the hot asphalt and tons of dirt all day, a huge deep trench to repair a water leak in the road while I was in air conditioned comfort watching from my bay window.  

All I could do was offer a cold drink to these men.  They stayed until they finished, drenched from the hot sun and did a great, extremely neat job. They fixed the leak and cleaned up the entire area! Sometimes we have unsung heroes doing jobs on this Island we love so much and I want to thank them. (Personally, I would have called in sick on such a scorching hot day.) 

Thank you, Block Island Water Department. 

Ila Schulman

High Street 


An island treasure 

To the Editor: 

Do you know an Island Treasure? Someone who has who has given countless hours toward enhancing the quality of life for the Block Island community in deed, time or inspiration? Please nominate him, her or them to be the 2019 Block Island Residents Association Island Treasure Award recipient by emailing me the name and a paragraph describing the reasons why your nominee should be honored. Deadline for nominations is Thursday, Aug. 15.

We will honor the person at our annual meeting on Monday, Sept. 16.  

Email your ideas to: donna@coreyaccounting.com.

If you have any questions, please call