Fri, 12/20/2019 - 9:00am

A wonderful gift

To the Editor:

Need a great last minute gift? Read on!

Our contractor has put the latest round of engraved bricks in the Mary D. Park and found we have several additional blank spaces, so we have a few more bricks to sell. (Sales will end for this terrace when they are sold.) Don't know what to get a favorite friend or family member? Engraved bricks make a super gift.

Engraved bricks ($200) for The Mary D. Park (across from the National Hotel) make a great holiday gift as they are always the right size and the right color — and they last a lifetime! The bricks will be placed in the park in the spring of 2020. FYI: We remove a blank brick and replace it with an engraved brick.

The money raised will be used to help fund improvements in the Nicholas Ball Park and The Mary D. Park and the maintenance of our three downtown parks (Esta's Park, Mary D. Park, Nicholas Ball Park). Email me for an order form. (comingsbi@verizon.net.) The order form can be mailed back to me and the information for this is on the order form.

Email me if you have questions.

Happy Holidays!

Margie Comings, Chair 
Old Harbor Task Force


Solution to the manager issue

To the Editor:

I have the perfect solution to our fulltime Town Manager problem. In addition to finding a new manager, hire an assistant. If I owned a company as large as our town with all the responsibilities and complexities our town has, I would not leave that job to one person and an assistant. The Town Manager is the President and deserves a Vice President. 

The Town Manager has a month’s vacation, can become sick, and can resign. In addition to our competent assistant, we need an assistant manager who can step right in and take over, thoroughly aware of all that is going on in town. I would not enjoy becoming the new Town Manager and not knowing anything about the town, its responsibilities or any of the people. Just to move to an island would be daunting. Thank goodness we now have a house the new manager can live in from day one. Finding a place to live in will not be a problem as it has been.

Lastly, we also need an assistant for our overworked Building Inspector.

Peter Greenman

Center Road