Thu, 03/05/2020 - 5:45pm

A grateful family

To the Editor:

Mom’s great care began on Block Island when she was rescued after a fall at home by our amazing Volunteer Fire and Rescue, our New Shoreham Police Department, our neighbors and friends! Our first responders are the best! Highly trained professionals arrived immediately on the scene to administer incredible medical care in a compassionate, reassuring way.  That amazing care continued at our Medical Center with Dr. Mark Clark, Linda Closter and the entire staff. Interstate Navigation was the next crucial provider of love and care as Mom was transported by ambulance under the constant superb medical attention of Rescue Squad member and dear friend Jordan Ryan. Our thanks to the always-loving Linda family, their captains and crews, Bill McCombe, and their Interstate family.  

From South County Hospital, Mom was transferred to R.I. Hospital for several days, and then on to acute rehabilitation at Vanderbilt at Newport Hospital. Our thanks to Father Joe Protano, Deacon Stephen Hester, our entire Saint Andrew Parish family and our island wide ecumenical community for the prayers that played such and important role toward Mom’s good news of recovery. A very special thanks to Molly O’Neill, Vicky Carson, Russell Littlefield and Kirk Littlefield! Our thanks to Lois and Bill Bendokas of New England Airlines and their entire crew who had Mom’s meds waiting for us on our return.

Thanks to Sue Hagedorn and Liz Dyer for their professional help with Mom’s rehab and recovery. Thanks to all of you! Your love and support has always been a great joy to our family and a source of comfort and strength through our most heartbreaking, challenging days. We miss our dear Kath, John, and Daddy every day, and will for the rest of our days. Losing Mom that night would have been more than we could bear. By saving Mom you have saved our entire family. Thank you all.

We are Block Island strong!


Marguerite and Mary D.

Old Town Road

A big hit

To the Editor:

On behalf of myself and all of the people with whom I have spoken on the ferry, I can declare Interstate Navigation’s new Winter Wednesday ferry schedule a big hit. The demographics on the island continue to change and it’s great to see the ferry accommodate these changes.

For islanders, being able to depart the island at 9:30 a.m. and return at 3:30 p.m. made Wednesday ideal for making medical appointments and running errands. I see from the new 2020 ferry schedule that the expanded Wednesday schedule will run into the autumn and hope it continues into the winter and spring of 2021. 

Many thanks to Interstate Navigation for your service to Block Island and for continuing to change with us.

Judy Gray

Sands Pond Road