Thu, 03/12/2020 - 6:15pm

To the Editor:

Thank you for your March 7th article “Honoring Island Women,” the first of several during Women’s History Month. Nicely done. I’m delighted that the women of the island are getting the kudos that they richly deserve. And I’m pleased that Block Island is leading the way on an issue that most global cultures have ignored for thousands of years. In my own life, I’ve worked in two very different gender environments: (1) on merchant ships at sea — almost exclusively male — and (2) as an unpaid volunteer with various environmental groups, where the majority of staff and leadership were female. Those women were a delight to work with; they were competent, hard working, professional, and mission oriented. And many were mothers as well, which made them even more remarkable. Some of those women became my mentors. Working with them was a privilege I will always remember. Though this letter focuses on my volunteer years in conservation, I am equally appreciative of women in other occupations, professions, and leadership roles. They all touch our lives — as does that greatest of all: motherhood.

Very truly yours,

Keith A. Lewis, merchant seaman and feminist.

Cooneymus Road

Incorrect info To the Editor:

In your editorial “Addressing the deer issue” in the Jan. 29 issue, you incorrectly stated that the Council approved two proposals submitted by the DTF: the recommendation to request DEM eliminate the two buck limit and for the Town to allow archery hunting on Saturdays. These DTF proposals were rejected by the Council.


Dora Burak Chair,

Deer Task Force