Fri, 05/01/2020 - 10:15am

Writing news for the island

To the Editor:

I look forward to reading The Block Island Times every week.

It was with great pleasure to read about the first island newspaper.

My Mom (Maize) Rose wrote the island news for many years beginning in the 1930’s.

One summer when Gertrude Ball was ill she asked me to do the island news for The Providence Sunday Journal. I did. Enjoyed it!

Mary Lou (Lewis) Cushing

Foster, R.I.


Become a mentor

To the Editor:

The Block Island School is offering seniors internships for next academic year and seeking mentors. They are offered Monday through Friday for a couple of hours in the afternoons. They are for credit only. If you are interested in being a mentor for next year please contact me directly. Each mentor needs a valid public background check. Thank you to Allison Warfel, Rosemary Tobin, Robert Gilpin, Diandra Verbeyst, The Block Island Airport, B.I. Volunteer Fire Department, John Tarbox, Ruth Laurel McTeague, Susan Gibbons, Ben Martin, Robby Murphy, Liz Dyer, Debby Hart, Callum Crawford, Block Island Pizza Pie, The 1661 Inn and The Spring House for all your dedication and hard work inspiring our seniors this year and years past.

Career Pathways Coordinator,

Roberta Closter



‘You will be counted’


To the Editor:

I have received many questions regarding the 2020 Census and I do understand and appreciate your desire to be counted. I have some new additional information to share.

Many of you have seen television commercials suggesting you go online to fill out your Census information. The reason this is not a viable option for those on Block Island is because in order to complete the Census questionnaire you need a survey number. Survey numbers are provided on the questionnaires that are distributed in person by a Census Field Enumerator. Survey numbers are also mailed to those with a physical mailing address via a postcard. The latter does not apply to those on Block Island as there are no physical mailing addresses.

The Census work for Block Island has been paused until mid-June due to precautions as it relates to the coronavirus. Around mid-June, you will see Census Field Enumerators circulating from home to home. A U.S. Census Bureau employee will have proper identification via a badge that will be presented for you to view when they come to your residence to drop off a questionnaire. At that time you will be given information on how to complete your questionnaire.

You will be counted, albeit a little later in the year, but you will be counted.

Thank you,

Linda Wright

U.S. Census Bureau Field Supervisor - B.I.