Thu, 06/04/2020 - 5:15pm

A Housing Board complaint

The following was sent to the Town Council and copied to The Block Island Times:

To the Editor:

Please consider this a formal complaint against the Town of New Shoreham Housing Board and its relationship with, and use of, the Block Island Solar Initiative.

The no bid “grant” is disturbing in that it was accepted apparently without thought to employment on Block Island, vetting of contractors, and work that appears to require bidding by Town and State law. As a qualified contractor and taxpayer, who has paid into this project, I am incredulous that we find ourselves in this situation.

In addition, the Block Island Solar Initiative is circumventing important town planning documents and policies. In addition, I submitted a project for a non-profit that they said they would fund, and then they refused to fund it as I was not their preferred contractor. (That would indicate a qualification process, which I can tell you never occurred.) As I said before, this appears to be a case of the Golden Rule, where the person with the gold, made the rules. If allowed, there is little to stop any person of means to use their money to whatever means and methods they choose.

I have worked in the energy fi eld my entire 30-plus years of professional experience. I have received two national recognition awards for my work in the United States and Rhode Island, and I have never seen such a poorly conceived and executed program. It is having severe ramifications, which I did predict to the benefactor and his administrator to no avail.

This project needs to be fully discussed and the Chair needs to answer questions from the public.

Chris Warfel

High Street

Remembering Andy Starr

To The Editor:

Signage to further honor Andy Starr’s memory and the Starr family’s precious gift is an excellent idea and the Town should proceed immediately to place this memorial at Andy’s Way.

Linda Spak

Mitchell Lane