Thu, 06/18/2020 - 6:00pm

So grateful to you all

To the Editor:

Who among us could have predicted that when we left the Block Island School building on Friday the 13th of March, that we would be unable to return to our classrooms for the remainder of the academic year?

The members of the lower elementary school faculty would like to take this opportunity to offer our most heartfelt and profound appreciation to the parents, grandparents, and even great-grandparents, who took on the responsibility of becoming our partners in this unexpected distance learning experience.

On so many levels, this has been an intense and challenging time for all of us. We are all so grateful for the positive, respectful, and willing response from our students’ families, as you took on the shared responsibility of your child’s education.

We will be forever grateful to you all.

Deborah Hart, Kindergarten

Lauri McTeague, Grade 1

Stacy Henshaw, Grade 2

Judy Durden, Grade 3

Libby Szabo, Grade 4


Defending the chief

To the Editor:

I read with absolute dismay a letter to The Block Island Times this week essentially taking our Chief of Police into rebuke concerning his answers or non-answers to their ridiculous emails to him asserting his Black Lives Matter stand and police brutality. If they were to think that he would knee for them (the writers), they would be wrong. Chief Carlone is one of the longest-serving chiefs of police on this island — and for good reason. He is unbiased, apolitical, honest and tough at the same time. His stand for the people of this island is commendable. I have watched his policing actions for years. Have seen him hobbled over with a broken foot after breaking up a bar fight and return to work the next day. Have heard his laments at Town Council meetings where certain anti-police elements have chastised him for the insignificant complaints (no helmets on a moped) yet hear little from them when he has kept this island safe from overwhelming Fourth of July and summer crowds. The only brutality here is basically drunks attacking the out-numbered and underpaid policemen and, now, woman.

This Chief has gathered all the new incoming young workers of every race and nationality, along with a local pastor, as he has done every year to insure them he will respect every one of them. We have very little crime here if any and that’s not by chance. Sure, there are a few out-of-touch Town Council members that will challenge him concerning their vigilante stances on the Covid-19 shutdown. Obviously, he wasn’t about to go to court with violators of laws homemade on Block Island, but was able to diffuse some volatile situations.

The writer or writers of the letter who may be affiliated with the Block Island School questioned the proposed budget for the New Shoreham Police Department, suggesting 10 percent was too much for them, the taxpayers. I don’t think too many here are ready to defund our finest. Ironically, our school budget is increasing every year and at almost $60,000 per student. Maybe here is the necessary defunding. I understand that my tax dollars also are paying their teacher salary. I sincerely hope our Block Island School children are not being taught this mind-frame of lawless chaos from our teachers.

John Willis MD

Beacon Hollow Farm


No one wants to touch your junk

To the Editor:

The corner of Amy Dodge Lane and Spring Street has become a regular repository for used furniture, bags of beer cans, household items and assorted junk that’s outlived its usefulness to some folks who, since the demise of the Block Island exchange at the dump, feel entitled to just leave it on the side of our roads.

Full disclosure: the corner of Amy Dodge and Spring Street is my property.

You want to have a yard sale, that’s fine, just not on my yard. I’m done taking other people’s stuff to the dump on my nickel.

Next time you might want to smile for the camera(s).

This morning I reluctantly contacted Block Island Police Department and made them aware of the situation.

I regret that this is an ongoing problem around the island that Mike Shea and his guys have to deal with. They don’t need to spend their time (and our money) picking up other people’s junk.

The shame of it is, whoever is doing this probably lives here or owns property on the island. Either way, trust me, these days especially, nobody wants to touch your junk.

Please let’s protect what my father once called “one of the last great places on earth.”

Jody (JC) Brotherhood

Amy Dodge Lane


Warmest thanks

To the Editor:

This is an open letter of thanks to the Block Island Community.

On Saturday, June 6, in the middle of ferry arrival commotion, I was injured on Water Street when I was thrown from my kick scooter.

I have no recollection of the event or what followed, so I am sharing the thanks of my husband (Mark), two daughters (Giovanna and Aly) and niece (Louisa). Everyone in the community swooped in to take care of us — thank you.

Casey, from a local business, took care of my girls. I was in the excellent care of the Rescue Squad (Beth) and the Medical Center (Linda and Dr. Matulis). Interstate’s team got me back to the mainland in an ambulance and back home to the island that night. Pattie, my cousin, made sure the girls were settled at home while I was in Rhode Island Hospital. My cousin Michael had a watchful eye on me my whole ferry ride home.

Please do not hesitate to stop me and so I can thank you in person.

Warmest regards and deepest gratitude,

Piera Robson

Center Road and New York, N.Y.


Thank you, Block Island

To the Editor:

I would like to express my gratitude to Peter Gempp, Kirk Littlefield, Chris Hobe and all the other members of the Block Island Volunteer Fire Department who worked so hard to put out the very bad fire at my home on Monday evening.

They did a wonderful job and were so helpful to me.

I also want to thank Julie and the other young woman, whose name I cannot remember, who gave me a great deal of emotional support.

In closing, my gratitude to the Casses, my neighbors, for all their help and my thanks to the many Block Island people who have offered their help. Block Island is a wonderful place to be when you have a serious problem.

Joan Theve