Thu, 09/03/2020 - 5:30pm

Support for Maggie Kain

To The Editor:

As longtime residents, we support Maggie Kain in the Democratic Primary for R.I. State Senate District 37 on Tuesday, Sept. 8. Our experience with Maggie has shown that she is dedicated to working for a new way forward in Rhode Island. The basic cost of living in our district has soared while proper housing and healthcare remain unaffordable. Implementing a Green New Deal in Rhode Island would create an economy based on ending our dependence on fossil fuels while investing in infrastructure, affordable housing, and education.

Maggie understands that the lack of wi-fi on the island is one of the biggest issues we face. Her campaign believes in investing in the working people of Rhode Island instead of corporate tax cuts. Putting money into people’s pockets to spend at local businesses is the best way to stimulate the economy. She understands our elected officials need to prioritize ending the subsidies to out-of-state corporations, while letting local businesses fend for themselves during the COVID pandemic. Maggie will go to the State House representing the district, not corporate lobbyists or the wealthy insiders.

Her advocacy of record expungement regarding non-violent drug possession is an essential piece of criminal justice reform. We are excited to have a candidate that understands the need for regular working people to take part in our political process and represent all of us, not just the few. We hope our friends and neighbors support Maggie Kain on Tuesday, Sept. 8.


Josh Maldonado, Christina Zendt, Ayla Johnson, Meg Vitacco, Gloria Redlich, Kristin Baumann, Carolyn Collins, Johanna Ross, Elizabeth Doherty, Susan Bush, Becca Zendt, Kinga Kaminska


Blood Drive

To the Editor:

Our next blood drive will be on Thursday, Sept. 10, at Harbor Church, from 1 to 5 p.m. The need for an adequate blood supply continues to be urgent. Because of the pandemic, there are fewer donors. Summer residents and visitors are encouraged to donate. At our last drive we received 34 donations, the largest number of donations for a long time. Our goal this drive is to equal or even exceed it.

Appointments are the preferred method of signing up. This will permit donations to be spread out and not all bunched together. To make an appointment, visit www.ribc.org/drives or call (401) 453-8383. Walk-ins are welcome, but appointments will come first. Walk-ins will be accepted if safe spacing exists when they arrive.

Here are things to remember:

- Age 16 May donate with a parent’s permission

- Age 17 and above may donate and there is no upper age cut off

- Those who have had Lyme disease may be eligible to donate. Those who had babesiosis can give after two years. If you have any questions of eligibility call (401) 453-8307 and speak with a specialist

- Bring a photo ID

These blood drives have the full support of the Rhode Island Department of Health and Block Island Medical Center. Please make every effort to make an appointment and be there.

Peter Greenman, Coordinator

Rhode Island Blood Center