Thu, 12/17/2020 - 5:45pm

Take the Bucket Challenge for ALS

To the Editor:

Dear Block Island Residents:

The Block Island Leo Club has been in charge of organizing the annual Polar Plunge for the past seven years. Every year it has been an activity we look forward to planning for the community. Unfortunately, this year the Leos had a virtual meeting and we decided that due to Covid-19, we will be cancelling the Polar Plunge. There are several reasons behind us coming to this decision, starting with the “pause” Gov. Raimondo has put on group gatherings, along with the usual location of Fred Benson Town Beach being currently under construction.

With construction workers, Polar Plunge participants, and volunteers there would be too many people gathered in one area. We have also reached out to organizations off island and learned that we are not the only ones making this cancellation. Narragansett, Charlestown, and South Kingstown have also made the decision to cancel their Polar Plunges.

That being said, the Leos Club has come up with an alternative idea!

In the absence of the Block Island Polar Plunge this year we would like to ask our regular participants to take part in the Ice Bucket Challenge and make a donation to the ALS Association in memory of John Henry Tripler.

We are very sorry to cancel this annual island event, but we want to keep everyone safe and healthy. So, if you look forward to the Polar Plunge every year, please participate in the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge!

Thank You.

Block Island Leo Club


Thank you, Abigail!

To the Editor:

Many thanks to Abigail Willi for the inspiration she so generously provides. Currently a sixth grader, she was out there Tuesday evening in the frigid darkness selling Covid masks with a distinctive Block Island logo — a great stocking stuffer — to raise money for the Rescue Squad and Fire Department. This is the fourth year she has organized a fundraiser for various causes, having started back in the third grade. In each of those years, she raised more than a thousand dollars for each.

ed more than a thousand dollars for each. There’s something especially symbolic about this year’s effort. Her actions emphasize the importance of co-operative, community action, and she has multiplied the idea across several entities. The motivating factor today is, of course, the virus: prevention can happen only if people adhere to safety standards including the wearing of masks. Directing her fundraising effort to include the Rescue Squad and Fire Department furthers this idea of co-operative action. There are some things that we just can’t do alone. We need one another.

And Abigail — the world needs you and many more like you. Please know you’re appreciated.

Keith and Kay Lewis

off Cooneymus Road


Expressing our appreciation

To the Editor:

I had all manner of wanting to share witty and dry highbrow passages from long-dead New England authors as an homage to our dear friend who has led The Block Island Times through politically, financially, and socially challenging times for this island, all with keen eyes on the horizon assuring we didn’t list to and fro.

Who here wasn’t glued to The Times’s website for the most recent articles about the pandemic and its impact on the island? How many here have been fortunate enough to land on these shores for one career and wind up staying for a second career?

When the Town of New Shoreham is welcoming geographic pariahs again (hopefully soon!), we plan to express our appreciation for this author, editor, father, and friend in person. Everyone is invited!

Thank you, Lars!

Rich and Lauren Payne

Corn Neck Road