Library to provide caregiver relief

Fri, 12/27/2019 - 1:00pm

The Island Free Library is trying to give local caregivers a bit of a break.

Starting next month, the date has not yet been set, caregivers can drop their family members or friends at the library for a couple of hours of activities so the caregiver can either take a breather or catch up on some tasks.

‘We’re going to try this once a month to see how it goes,” said Interlibrary Circulation Clerk Judy Mitchell to the members of the Senior Advisory Committee. “If the caregivers bring them and drop them off, we’ll have a program so they’re not just sitting around.”

Mitchell said they are targeting a Thursday morning schedule to begin. “If it works out maybe we can expand it,” said Mitchell.

“I think it’s a great idea,” said SAC Co-chair Gail Pierce.

The members also talked about putting together their budget request from the town for 2020. The Senior Advisory Committee currently receives about $16,000 from the town, but as the scope of the services it wants to provide expand, the members expect to ask much more from the town in the next budget cycle. The task in front of the committee was to put a pricetag on those services. SAC Co-chair Sandra Kelly said the group has been going through a “whole gamut of things” the group hopes to do.

“All needed!” interjected Pierce, with Senior Coordinator Gloria Redlich adding “It’s legitimate for us to anticipate financial needs.”

The most immediate task was putting a dollar amount on the services.

SAC Clerk Millie McGinnes said that the cost of services are most often attached to the service provider’s salary.

A budget subcommittee was formed comprising Linda Spak, Pierce, Kelly and Redlich.

The committee also continues to grapple with the issue of providing transportation for seniors in the summer. The discussion centered on using a town-owned van that would need a driver. McGinnes said the insurance for the vehicle would be covered by the town.