Lookout for bonito and false albacoree

Tue, 07/30/2013 - 6:52pm

It looks like another good week coming up here on the island. At 74° F, the rapidly increasing water temperature around the island is beginning to plateau. As we stated last week, be on the lookout for the arrival of bonito and false albacore (little tunny) as they make their way toward the island.

Fishing off of the beach has been successful this week. The guys down at Block Island Fishworks reported striped bass being caught this week at Southwest Point (Cooneymus Beach) at night and Mansion and Scotch Beach during the day. The only problem, they said, was that these beaches are becoming increasingly crowded in the middle of the day, and thus surfcasters have resigned to fishing the area early in the morning or later at night. Fishworks also recommended fishing west of the North Light around sunset and into the night. In the past few weeks, we have found both striped bass and bluefish to be present in this area. Poppers are always a good choice when fishing at sunset, especially at the North Point as well as on the west side of the island. For striped bass from coast guard at night, small slug-gos and stubby needlefish have been very successful. For fluke and scup, Coast Guard Beach is always successful off of the beach, usually using squid and/or spearing as bait during the day.

Off of the boat, fishing has been going well. Fluke fishing has continued to be popular just outside of the harbor and in front of Charleston Beach. There, fluke have been biting on strips of squid, clam, or spearing. For striped bass, Matt King of Hula Charters suggests the Southwest corner of the island as well as the South side in deep water. Black Rock is another favorite spot. The North rip has also been producing striped bass off of the boat as well as some bluefish. Live eels do very well from the boat as well as surface plugs during the day and swimmers once it’s dark out. This week several anglers hauled in some big fish from the boat. Arnie Huftalen was fishing at Black Rock around moonrise when he caught the fish of his life, a striped bass weighing in at 42.8 pounds and measuring 48 inches. He was not alone in catching big bass, as Keith Lavin caught a 45.8-pound bass from Rooster Charters on the Southwest Corner this week and Michael Desirey reeled in a 48.6-pound striper at black rock off of Sakarak Charters. All three men and their fish are pictured below.

As waters continue to warm, let’s look forward to some new fish migrating to the island and continue to reel in the usual ones. Again, note the change in the dates of the BIVFD Annual Fishing Tournament, now scheduled for Victory Day weekend in August.

Good luck fishing this week on Block Island!