On the Mainland: A&B Family Appliances

Thu, 05/25/2017 - 1:00pm

Jim Buchanan is a hands-on owner. 

Jim and his wife Anne own A & B Family Appliances in Wakefield. He’s always told me that he “does what it takes” to keep his business going. I wasn’t surprised, therefore, to call one morning and learn that he was out delivering a refrigerator. I called later the same day and found he was out repairing a dishwasher.

Not only that, A & B Appliances carries a full range of appliances and offers competitive prices.

You can either find what you want on the showroom floor or Jim will get it for you. He also has a full inventory of pre-owned appliances. He’s happy to install these himself and takes prides in his ability to do it right. This, he says, “can make all the difference in the performance and the life of the appliance.”

Over the years, I’ve learned that it always pays to comparison shop. And Betty and I have certainly bought from Jim on a number of occasions. That’s because Block Islanders like to know with whom they are dealing. Jim is personable and knowledgeable. That’s no surprise when you learn about his background.

Jim grew up in Narragansett and has lived there with his family for decades. He graduated from Providence College and enlisted in the Army, where he met his wife. 

Perhaps the reason he is so good with appliances is that he also has an advanced degree in engineering from Auburn University in Alabama. He worked for Raytheon for a number of years before getting into the appliance business 11 years ago. No wonder he knows how to fix a dishwasher!

The grit and determination factor is a theme in his life.

Jim played rugby and football in college. He loves to run and has participated in Tough Mudders that involve some combination of running and mud. He also pursues Spartan Runs with family members. These 10-mile runs include fifteen pauses to do push-ups, scale walls, climb over obstacles and other tests of endurance.

Oh, and Jim spent a tour of duty at Guantanamo Bay and 13 months in Iraq.

Jim is one of our mainland neighbors and is worth getting to know. Not to mention that he sells good appliances at a good price with free delivery to the ferry.

The business will relocate to Kingstown Road in Wakefield at the end of May. I have no doubt that Jim will do the hauling himself!

A & B Family Appliances

446 Main Street (Soon to be 684 Kingstown Road)

Wakefield, R.I. 02879

(401) 284-4108