Meet David Reidy

Fri, 10/23/2020 - 4:30pm

Why should I meet David Reidy? Who is he anyway?

David is the installation contractor for the solar systems sponsored by the Solar Initiative. David can save you money while you help save the planet! He is the President of Cool Energy — but let’s begin at the beginning:

David is a native Rhode Islander growing up in Warwick. There he quahogged in Narragansett Bay and had his own boat when he was 14 years old. And so he came to love the New England Coast; and, specifically, Block Island, which was his favorite place to go as a kid. But kids can’t just visit Block Island all day long, they also have to go to school. So after graduating from Bishop Hendricken (where his love for engineering began), he received a scholarship to the University of South Florida in Tampa. Since his mom didn’t raise no dummies, he took the scholarship to study more engineering. Subsequently he worked with a general contractor where he learned he would much rather be a specific contractor, and the then-emerging solar industry fascinated him.

So he went back to school and got his Florida Solar State Certified contractor license in 2008. Only two percent pass this rigorous licensing procedure the first time and David was in that elite cadre. Since then he has amassed two or three zillion more certifications in the solar and contracting fields, most recently a general contractor’s license from the State of Rhode Island.

In 2010, he formed his own company, SunCool Energy, which averages 100 solar installations a year. Along the way he acquired Sunlight Solar, which installs 1.5 megawatts of photo-voltaic systems each year. All told, David’s companies install on average one solar system for every day of the year (taking Sundays off, of course!).

David is very much hoping that the volume of work on Block Island allows him to become a permanent member of our yearround community.

“Of all the places in the country, Block Island is the perfect place to install solar electricity generation,” he says. “I would love to spend my years enjoying and contributing to the Block Island community and making the island a showcase for renewable energy.”

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