Middle School sports wrap-up

Thu, 03/11/2021 - 5:15pm

History shows there are years that come marked with big asterisks. Years that one wants to simply file away in a “fahgetaboutit” trash can. Three quarters of 2020 and the start of 2021 are likely secure in both vaults.

This year’s middle school boy’s Hurricanes basketball season was a season to file away in likely the largest of “stolen season” labelled filing drawers.

But not because of lack of effort, or desire to compete, or the effervescent uplifting bounce that this group of middle school athletes brings into the gym every day. That “can-do” Hurricane spirit remains intoxicating.

Gritty, drill-focused practices, bodies on the floor, bloody noses, torn fingernails, sprained ankles and a genuine respect for each other, no matter the individual talent level, permeated their daily attitude, season be damned.

With leagues disbanded, the Hurricanes found only two teams willing to meet on the court and closed out this past Sunday at Monsignor Clarke in Wakefield.

Co-coach Tracy Heinz did yeoman’s work in assembling a three-ring binder of paperwork for each player before each game consisting of day-of-game Covid tests, school attestation forms, and parental permission and health forms, just for players to gain access to the gym.

Monsignor Clarke rolled out the welcome mat and then used a deep 10-person bench, timely three- point shooting, and game-long aggressiveness off the boards to wear down the Hurricanes over the afternoon.

Guards Justin Berry, Chase Hatfield, Max Walsh and lefty sharp shooter Finn Heinz got the ‘Canes off to a quick lead, slashing inside the zone and feeding open teammates for daggers from deep. However, the Hurricanes were not used to playing 16-minute halves and slowly tired in the track meet of a game.

Braedan Larson, Zane Turner and Zioma “Z” Farges-Sirota anchored the Hurricanes’ defense underneath the basket, but the waves and speed of players off the MSC bench slowly wore them down and MSC forged a double-digit lead. Larson proved to be a pest on defense, continually swiping the ball and frustrating MSC passes all afternoon.

The Hurricanes are a young team and look forward to a summer of practicing “shots I would take in a game,” and retaking the court with more players and the same positive attitude next year, with a full slate of games.