Mill Pond Bridge road paved

Open to through traffic by week’s end
Mon, 06/04/2018 - 12:45pm

J.H. Lynch & Sons has completed paving the portion of Old Town Road that runs over the Mill Pond Bridge. The contractor laid down a three-inch thick layer of asphalt supplied by three large trucks carrying 24-tons of the material, and one truck carting 33-tons, on Thursday, May 31. The paving work took about three hours to complete.

Wood railings will be installed along portions of both sides of Old Town Road. J.H. Lynch & Sons told The Block Island Times that the road should be open to the public by week's end. The contractor will return in the fall to lay down a top coat of asphalt, paint the yellow lines, and conduct some finishing work to officially complete the project.

(Note: the road was still in the process of being paved after this video was captured.)

This video content is property of The Block Island Times. Video by Cassius Shuman