Music to his ears

Ernie Boch’s music program helped purchase instruments
Thu, 10/31/2019 - 6:15pm

”Thank you, Ernie!” the class cried in unison.

The students were in Miss Megan Hennessy’s music room, sitting on the floor and in two neat rows of chairs. The students in the chairs each had a ukelele, and sitting before them was Ernie Boch, Jr., of car sales fame, who had provided grant money to purchase the instruments through his Music Drives Us charity.

When the students started to play the Bruno Marz tune, “Count On Me,” Boch exclaimed, “They’re in tune!” and Miss Hennessy said she tunes the ukes every morning.

“The sound is really good,” said Boch. “What a joy that they are all in tune.”

Boch said the mission of his charity is to “keep music in the schools. That’s why we’re doing this.” Although the money to purchase the ukeleles was donated a few years ago, Boch said it takes some time to visit each place where Music Drives Us has made a donation, “but we eventually get there,” he said.