M/V Elizabeth Ann

Mon, 04/30/2012 - 2:32am

The  M/V Elizabeth Ann, aka  The Lizzie Ann was commissioned as a Submarine Chaser. In her thirty-four year career, she also served as a mail boat out of Newport to Block Island. She ran from Stonington to Point Judith and also to the island. Her last trip was March 3, 1951. She burned at a dock in New London.

She appeared to be a tender boat, and somewhat sea kindly. When I first saw this picture I created the following scenerio. The girl looking vacantly, eyes downcast, I'll call her Donna Phillips. She has seen better days. The ride from Point Judith was a bumpy ride into a decent size swell from the southwest. Even approaching New Harbor, the sea was still a lumpy mess.The guy next to her is Jackson Spaulding who is in love with Donna; they met as Freshman at Brown this year of 1950. She was studying Aztec Anthropology, and he was pre-med.

Jackson had sailed to Block Island from his family's summer home in the Thimble Islands off Bramford Ct. as a young man. He was capable. Donna was from Montana. She'd never been on a boat of any kind. She reluctantly agreed to take a look at the Block Island's Ocean View Hotel for summer employment. It all sounded so good over Vodka Gimlets the night before. Jackson painted a rosy picture of island life, and Donna wanted to be in the picture.

After the ferry tied up in New Harbor, she walked down the gangway, and immediately got violently ill. Jackson encouraged her to soldier on, and see the hotel, hoping his new love would see the potential for a great summer...

*Now, if you are a writer with an imagination, finish this scenerio in the comment section below. We all know that over the years people have come to Block Island with the best of intentions. Write well!