Mystery of the cup... solved

Fri, 11/17/2017 - 8:45am

The comments started coming in to The Block Island Times Facebook page, giving the background on a small, fragile, plastic cup that somehow managed to survive a 3,100 mile voyage from Block Island to the west coast of England.

Chris Easton, a volunteer at the Perranzabuloe Museum in Cornwall, England, was the one who found the cup on Perranporth Beach. There was blue printing on the cup that said, “R.I. Gasman Society. Est. 1987. Block Island, Blenderfest.” There is a lblue ogo of swordfish and a fishing boat. Easton tried to do some research about who or what the Gasman Society is. Having no luck, he forwarded the information to the Block Island Historical Society, which then sent the information to The Block Island Times.

It turns out Blenderfest is a dockside party that has been gathering down near Ballard’s for the past 30 years. It was started by a group of friends calling themselves the R.I. Gasman Society.

“Blenderfest was held every third weekend in July. It was run by a bunch of guys that named themselves the Friday club. It was held on Ballard’s bulkhead docks. They would come over on Friday, and Saturday would be Blenderfest. They would supply all the mudslides. They went through cases of vodka. Every year was a different theme,” said Mary Ellen D’antuono-Davey.  

Of the cup surviving the trip overseas, Kristie Callahan posted, “This is amazing! My dad and all of his friends were the ones that started Blenderfest weekend in ‘87.” 

“Wow!” wrote Sarah Locke.

Other people took the moment to just say something about Block Island.

“A truly gorgeous beach in a very beautiful part of the world. 1987... my first summer on BI. Crazy. Thank you so much for sharing:),” said Simon Bryson. 

“Shhh... don’t let the world know about BIRI,” said Bob Little.

“Block Island!! Best place in the world!!,” wrote Jacqui Hitch.