Narragansett, The Oar sold

Thu, 11/29/2018 - 7:15pm

A Limited Liability Corporation based out of Warwick, Rhode Island has purchased a group of island properties, including The Oar, The Narragansett, and other parcels, for $7.8 million.

Papers filed in Superior Court, and on file at Town Hall, dated early October, 2018, show that six separate parcels are included in the sale, two of which are vacant, another includes a marina building, and another a dwelling. The properties were purchased by Sky Blue Pink, LLC from five members of the Mott family.

According to papers filed with the Rhode Island Secretary of State’s office, Sky Blue Pink, LLC was formed on July 25, 2018.

The sale was finalized in front of Superior Court Judge Richard Licht.

The package includes the Narragansett Inn (3.6 acres on plat 5, lot 69-1), located at 31 West Side Road; The Marina Building (3.1 acres on plat 5, lot 69-4), located at 135 West Side Road; The Oar and cottage (3.6 acres on plat 5, lot 69-5), located at 221 West Side Road; House (2.71 acres on plat 5, lot 73-1), located at 836 West Side Road; Vacant land (4.2 acres on plat 5, lot 73-2), located on Ocean Avenue; Vacant Land (2.0 acres on plat 5, lot 72), which is Fort Island.