New net metering legislation passes both chambers of RI Legislature

Thu, 07/08/2021 - 4:45pm

A huge thank you to our Senator Susan Sosnowski and to our Representative Blake Filippi for shepherding this bill over many months through to passage by the Rhode Island General Assembly. The services of the Mayforth Group were also most helpful.

What does this new law change? Previously by law, utility companies couldn’t accept more than three percent of capacity from their rate payers’ self generation. This effectively capped solar and other renewable energy production to any residences desiring to remain on the Block Island Power Company grid, so all 2,000 of us. The new bill removes this limit and allows a much greater amount of renewable self-generation. Thus, more solar systems can be added to our island utility production.

But wait! There are still more steps before this new arrangement can be put into place, but BIPCo is working hard on it.

BIPCo President Jeffery Wright comments: “Susan, Blake, and our lobbyist Mayforth Group all deserve our thanks. We may also be the first utility in the country to ever ask to have a net-metering cap be raised. When I mentioned this to my peers at this board meeting, they cocked their heads, raised an eyebrow and asked ‘really?’ Most don’t take the time to develop a revenue friendly, fair-to-all tariff like we have here. Frankly, most don’t have the flexibility to draft their own tariff. Most have rules imposed on them. We are lucky to have the flexibility to draft our own policies.”
Maybe the first in the whole country! Congratulations to Jeff, the Block Island Utility District commissioners, to those who represent us in the legislature, and all of us ratepayers. We are in the vanguard of the switch to electricity renewables and a greener world.
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