New Old Island Pub hits snag

Fri, 01/19/2018 - 9:00am

Construction on the new Old Island Pub on Ocean Avenue has been delayed.

Building Official Marc Tillson said he has not received all of the construction approvals, so a building permit cannot be issued for the project.

Permitted work on the foundation of the two-story building, owned by the Gaffett family, began in mid-November. That work was delayed after Tillson sent the Gaffetts a letter on Dec. 21, 2017 informing them that his office needs to be furnished with a plumbing plan. 

As for building construction, Tillson said it is delayed until his office receives final approvals from the following: the Rhode Island Department of Transportation; the Rhode Island Department of Health; the State Fire Marshals Office; and the Rhode Island Coastal Resources Management Council. The contractor also needs an executed storm water management agreement with the town, and a Class 1 survey of the concrete foundation.   

Tillson said, “It’s my job to compel compliance, and make sure the project is done in accordance with the approvals” granted by the town’s boards and commissions.

“The town wants the project to go well, but the Gaffetts have to do what is required, so I can issue a building permit,” he said, noting that the Gaffetts have not complied with all of the Planning Board’s conditions. He also said the sewer line issue is due to a five-year moratorium on state-paved roads, meaning Ocean Avenue can’t be disturbed at this time to accommodate the Gaffetts’ needs.

Tillson said the Gaffetts have considered an alternative plan: connecting the sewer line to the Poor People’s Pub sewer line, but that requires easements and approval from the Town Engineer, as well as a visit back to the Planning Board due to the change in the construction plans.

“They’re working on it,” said Tillson.