New ownership for The Block Island Times

Fri, 12/25/2015 - 8:30am

When we became publishers of The Block Island Times a decade ago we accepted a challenging job as well as a public trust. We now relinquish our responsibilities grateful for the sustaining support of the community and confident that the The Block Island Times will prosper under the new ownership.

We are thankful for loyal subscribers and a steady base of newsstand customers that validate the weekly effort to produce the paper. It is always heartening to deliver the new edition on Friday morning and find a line of expectant purchasers already in line. Virtually every island business has advertised at one time or another. Many businesses place space and classified ads week after week and month after month. Advertising provides ninety percent of our revenue. There would be no newspaper without those advertisers and we are ever grateful for their support.

We are the fifth owners of The Block Island Times, the beneficiaries of the hard work and dedication of those who came before us and established a viable publishing enterprise. To sustain and nurture this organization will require effective leadership.

We are confident that the new owner, Michael Schroeder, has the vision, resources and experience to take the helm. We are pleased that his wife Janet will also play a role in the day-to-day management. They offer decades of business experience. Most importantly, they exhibit in their employment and volunteer work, a commitment to the community and its betterment.

Michael Schroeder is a 35-year veteran of the publishing world with an impressive resume of positions. He purchased The Bristol Press and New Britain Herald, along with three Connecticut weeklies, in 2009. He was instrumental in the creation of amNewYork, the largest-circulation daily in Manhattan, and was publisher and chief operating officer of 365 Media USA, which produced the free daily BostonNOW.

He has been an editor and general manager in newspaper and magazine publishing since 1980. He has worked Newsday, InfoWorld and Davier Media Group, LLC. He has worked on both coasts as an editor, production and technology manager, and publisher. When we learned that the tagline on their New Britain and Bristol publications was “It takes a newspaper to build a community” we knew that they shared our goals. Michael will be introducing himself to our readers in the coming days. Stay tuned.

We are pleased to accept Michael’s invitation to continue involvement with The Block Island Times for the foreseeable future. We look forward to working with him to explore new initiatives in print and on the web. We will explore additional ways to serve the business community and ensure its success.

We are heartened that the staff of the current enterprise will be retained and we express our deep appreciation to those who work with us now and have done so over the last ten years. These are people who have been committed to a relentless search for the stories and information that serve the needs of the Block Island community. It is a job that often requires going “above and beyond” and committing to long hours and the pressures of countless deadlines. We thank our current and past employees.

We enter a new chapter of our lives grateful for the opportunity to have served as the publishers of the newspaper in this community that we cherish. Our goal has always been to deliver objective journalism and a forum for community discussion. This is a public trust as well as a job. Thanks to everyone for your friendship and support. And welcome to Janet and Michael Schroeder with best wishes for their success