New Shoreham Town Council Agenda

Town Hall, 16 Old Town Road, Block Island Monday, October 18, 2021 7:00 p.m.
Thu, 10/14/2021 - 3:45pm

1. Public Comment
2. Report from Dr. Thomas Warcup, BI Medical Center Director, regarding COVID-19 and public health; and/or Discuss and act on an emergency Town ordinance to mitigate the spread of COVID- 19 to protect the health, safety and welfare of the residents of and visitors to the Town which are imminently imperiled by an unforeseen circumstance.
3. Set public hearing date for Harbors Ordinances, Town of New Shoreham General Ordinances Chapter 9 Marine Activities, Article III Harbors et al
4. Report of Town Manager
5. Report of Police Chief
6. Discuss and act on Boards, Committees and Commissions membership and appointments:
7. Deer Task Force (announce vacancy)
8. Motor Vehicle for Hire Commission
9. Sea Level Rise Committee: Student Representative

10. Receive and act on communication from Rhode Island Airport Corporation
11. Discuss and act on Moped Settlement Agreement negotiation process

12. Develop discussion topics for annual meeting with Interstate Navigation
13. Discuss and act on creation of Town Lobbyist position
14. Discuss and act on request of Frank Malone for Town sponsorship of State Legislation to enable the use of low speed vehicles on Block Island

15. Discuss and act on appointment of Town Clerk, Effective January 1, 2022

16. Discuss and act on appointment of Facilities Director, Effective November 1, 2021
17. Correspondence: Notice to Town as abutter for Application for new BH Liquor License for Manisses Restaurant, 251 Spring Street Plat 7, Lot 27; and Application for new Class T Liquor License for Empire Theatre, 17 Water Street, Plat 6, Lot 98.
18. Minutes: October 7, 2021, etc.
19. Discuss and act on acquisition of real estate at the Overlook Property at Plat 19, Lot 3 where the premature disclosure would adversely affect the public interest. This item may be held in closed session pursuant to RIGL 42-46-5(a)(5): Any discussions or considerations related to the acquisition or lease of real property for public purposes, or of the disposition of publicly held property wherein advanced public information would be detrimental to the interest of the public; and RIGL 42-46-5(a)(7) A matter related to the question of the investment of public funds where the premature disclosure would adversely affect the public interest. Public funds shall include any investment plan or matter related thereto, including, but not limited to, state lottery plans for new promotions.
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Individuals requesting interpreter services for the deaf and hard of hearing must call (401) 466-3200 forty-eight hours in advance of the meeting date.
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