Newspaper Association honors The Block Island Times

Fri, 03/02/2018 - 8:30am

The Block Island Times was the recipient of nine awards from the New England Newspaper and Press Association for 2017 — two for ad design and seven for editorial content. The NENPA awards ceremony banquet was held on Saturday, Feb. 24 at the Renaissance Boston Waterfront Hotel. NENPA serves over 450 daily, weekly and specialty newspapers, and awards are given to journalists from thousands of entries in different categories from the six-state region, ranging from news reporting, to columns, and editorial content.

Columnist Martha Ball won a second place award for serious columnist — her second showing in the top three in the past two years; she won first place last year — with the judges noting the unique quality of her writing. “Few people capture a sense of place like Martha Ball. Her prose is poetic, her spirit curious, and local history is deftly captured in her hand. [Her columns] inhale and exhale in the sweetest sense of a peaceful landscape meditation.”

Editor Lars Trodson won a second place award in the headline writing category for a headline that the judges said, somewhat cryptically, was something “only the locals would appreciate.”

Renée Meyer won two awards: one was third place for general news story reporting, and the other was second place for environmental reporting. For her environmental reporting, the judges said: “Renée Meyer demonstrates an exciting way of reporting issues with municipal events... This sort of reporting looks simple, but it is not. This journalist takes reporting and writing seriously.”

Cassius Shuman received two awards: a second place finish for general news story reporting, and a third place award for writing a human interest feature story. For his human interest story, which was about a Block Island Ferry being the first on the scene at the famous plane landing on the Hudson River, the judges wrote that the story was “a nice and timely job tracking down an unsung local hero in the much-publicized Hudson River crash, just in time to give readers the story as the movie hits theaters.” (The movie was “Sully,” starring Tom Hanks.)

Cartoonist Bruce Montgomery won a third place award for editorial cartoon, with the judges calling his work “satire at its best” — a description with which we can agree.

The Times also took home two third place awards for advertisement design.

Of the awards, Michael Schroeder, Publisher of The Block Island Times, said, “Our staff does outstanding work covering our Island. I’m proud that NENPA sees this talent and commitment.”